51 Best Remote Jobs for Travelers (with Salaries) – Explore the World!

Do you love to travel? Do remote jobs appeal to you? If so, remote work might be the perfect setup for you. In this article, we will take a look at 51 of the best remote jobs that offer freedom from location restraints.
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last updated on November 13th
If you're an avid traveler, then the remote work revolution is tailor-made for you. There are more remote jobs than ever before that offer up the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

And with technology making it easier than ever for remote workers to stay connected, these positions can be a great option if you want to travel while on the clock.

We also show you how you can find thousands of remote jobs today that could help turn your dream setup into reality!

Ready? Let's go!
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Many remote jobs today are geared towards remote workers that travel. Whether you're living out of a suitcase or just like to get away every so often, these remote jobs for travelers will let you live your dream while still making money!

Suitcase, camera and Laptop

#1 Junior Database Administrator

If you're a database administrator who loves to travel, you're in luck. While remote work opportunities are still few and far between for this field, some jobs will let you travel around the world while making bank at your day job: junior database administrators!

This job will pay you $69,000 a year to support the company's databases and hardware. You need at least two years of experience in DB administration or one year working on top of Linux or UNIX platforms.

#2 Senior Firewall Engineer

Senior Firewall Engineer: This remote job will pay you $50 per hour or $180,000 per year to manage the company's firewall network. You need at least ten years of experience in firewalls and three years working on Unix systems.

This could give you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world while making way more than $100k a year. Image what you could do with that kind of income!

#3 UX Engineer/Designer

UX Engineer/Designer: This job will pay you $60,000 a year to help build out mobile apps for their platform using Ruby on Rails or Elixir programming language. You'll need at least two years of experience with either.

This remote job allows you to work from anywhere in the world and will let you focus on your favorite part: designing while traveling!

#4 Security Architect

Security Architect: This job will pay you $100,000 a year to design security architecture for the company's apps. You'll need at least five years of experience in coding and three years with AWS or Azure cloud platforms.

If you're into this kind of work, this remote job will let you travel around the world while still making a good living.

#5 Content creator

This is a fairly new remote career path. If you're a writer who's willing to travel, this remote opportunity could pay off big time! You'll get paid $60 for every 400 words of original content that get published on the business' site. While this position is still in its early stages, it has potential — especially if you can create top-notch content. If you're good at it, you can make up to $1500 for a single article. That's not too shabby!

#6 Virtual Assistant (VA)

Okay, this one isn't new, but it's something that remote workers may be able to do from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. If you're good at managing calendars and email correspondence for those in the upper echelons of big business, this job as a virtual assistant could pay off big time. Companies are willing to shell out $40 an hour to remote VAs that are good at what they do.

#7 Senior Collaboration Engineer

This job will pay you $100,000 a year to build out internal collaboration tools for the company's remote employees. You'll need at least five years of experience with Linux/Unix servers and two years working in an on-site capacity as well. As a senior collab engineer worker, you'll get to travel the world while still making a good living.

#8 Social media manager

Is social media your thing? Is it something you're good at? If so, positions as a social media manager could be one of the perfect jobs for travelers. Companies are willing to pay you $20 an hour (or more) to remote SMM's that can help them grow their business through targeted marketing campaigns and audience engagement on all major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

#9 Data analyst

Sounds like a boring job, right? Well, it is. But if you're good at data analytics and seeing trends in the business world or consumer market, remote jobs for data analysts are becoming more common as companies look to make big bucks off of Big Data. If you work hard enough, remote businesses will pay top dollar ($80k+ per year) for your services!

#10 Online tutor

This job is ideal for people who are good at teaching others. You'll get paid $20 an hour to work with students on their homework assignments and help them prepare for exams in math, science, language arts, or another subject area of your expertise. By tutoring online remotely from anywhere you want (with a Wi-Fi connection), you can make a living from home.

#11 Account Manager

As an account manager remote worker, you'll get paid $65k a year to manage accounts for the business from your location. You'll need at least five years of experience in customer service or account management and two years working remotely as well. You can live anywhere in the world — whether it's on vacation or living abroad — and still, make a good living from home.

#12 Administrative Support Coordinator

Do you have strong office experience? If so, jobs for administrative support coordinators could be the right job for you. With this remote position, you'll get paid $40k per year or more to help employees by taking care of any issues they may encounter with their work computers or other equipment on-site. You can live anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection and still work from home as an administrative support coordinator worker.

#13 Business Development Manager

This remote job pays $60k a year to business development managers that can help them grow and expand their company through new partnerships or collaborations with other businesses. Not only do you get paid well for this remote position, but it's also an opportunity to travel the world as much as you want (with expenses covered by the company).

#14 Career Coach

If you're good at helping people find jobs, this might be the dream job you're looking for. As a career coach worker, you'll get paid $65k a year to help others by finding them remote positions that will benefit their business or side hustle. You don't have to have any experience in IT because all your clients want is someone who can help them land a job they'll love.

#15 Client Relationship Manager

As a client remote relationship manager, you'll get paid $75k a year to keep track of your clients and make sure they're satisfied with the services or products they've purchased from your company. You don't need any experience necessary because all they want from you is someone with strong communication skills that can send out emails on time and keep in touch with clients.

#16 Client Service Manager

Many people dream of working in customer service. And with jobs for client service managers, you can do just that! You'll get paid $65k a year to manage your team of customer care representatives and make sure they're prepared (and on time) when taking calls from customers. As long as you have experience managing teams remotely or know how to train others, you can make a living from home with this job.

#17 Client Services Representative

If you're good at organizing and have great people skills, jobs for client services representatives might be a remote job for you. As a client services representative, you'll get paid $60k per year to make sure your team of agents is prepared when helping callers with issues or questions about their accounts. You can live anywhere, travel the world, and make a great living from home.

#18 Cloud Assurance Manager

Are you a cloud storage guru? If so, jobs for cloud assurance managers could be a remote job option that's perfect for you. As a cloud assurance manager, you'll get paid $80k per year to manage your team of IT professionals and ensure everyone is up-to-date on the latest security threats when it comes to cloud storage. You don't need experience because, as long as you have prior work experience, this job is open to just about anyone who works with cloud data.

#19 Customer Care Associate

Another customer-based job! As jobs for customer care associates, you'll get paid $50k to provide remote support and assistance to customers by helping them with any problems they may be having. You can live anywhere in the world as long as there's a Wi-Fi connection available for this work position. If you care about people and love the freedom of traveling the world, this job is perfect for you.

#20 DevOps Site Reliability Engineer

If remote customer care isn't your thing and you're more into developing software, jobs for DevOps site reliability engineers might be the perfect job option. As a DevOps site reliability engineer, you'll get paid $80k to help remotely manage your team of engineers through on-call shifts while making sure they are prepared when issues arise with their sites or apps. If you have prior experience in the software industry or have experience managing teams, you should apply for this job.

#21 Director of Sales Alliances

As a director of sales alliances, you'll get paid $120k to work with companies that are looking to expand their business or find new ways of selling products. You'll also need prior experience in the industry because all your clients want is someone who can bring them success when it comes to expanding their brand and building up revenue.

#22 Online Marketing Manager

Do you love Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, and Google Analytics? If you know how to effectively manage websites and bring in more business and new customers, online marketing managers can make a living off $75k. As long as you have prior experience with managing digital ads or are willing to learn quickly, this remote job is open to just about anyone who has internet access!

#23 Healthcare System Executive Assistant

If you have experience as a Healthcare System Executive Assistant, are great at multitasking and making sure people are on time to their meetings, jobs for executive assistants might be the remote job option that's right for you. As a healthcare system executive assistant, you'll get paid $60k per year to provide support to one or more executives in your organization. You'll need work experience and the ability to help an executive keep their calendar organized and make sure they're prepared for any important meetings or phone calls that come up throughout the day.

#24 Human Resources Service Analyst

Working as a Human resource remotely might not be the most exciting job option available, but they can help you live that life from anywhere in the world. As a human resources service analyst, you'll get paid $80k per year to provide support for employees who are having issues with their benefits or any other important HR-related services your company provides.

#25 Java Developer

You are a developer and looking for remote jobs for travelers? Then you'll love the idea of writing code and working remotely, becoming a java developer might be your perfect option. As a java developer, you'll get paid $68k or up to $90k to work on projects for your company. If you have experience, are willing to learn quickly, and can help companies overcome any problems they're having with their code, this job might be the perfect job option for you!

#26 Medicare Bid Pricing Consultant

If Medicare Bid Pricing Consultant sounds like your perfect job opportunity, you're in luck! With this position, you'll get paid $55k to help one or more clients with their bid prices. You will need prior experience and skills that can be translated into the healthcare industry.

#27 Mortgage Processor

As a mortgage processor, you'll get paid $48k to help clients with their mortgages and make sure loans are processed as quickly as possible.

#28 Travel Blogger

This might be one of the best remote jobs for travelers. As a travel blogger, you'll get paid $52k+ to share photographs and blog updates about your travels across the world on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. If writing has always been something that comes easy to you and you can turn your adventures into an interesting blog post, this job might be the perfect option for you.

#29 Program Assistant

This is a job that's perfect for students or people just starting their careers in the workplace. Program assistants are paid $30k per year to provide administrative support and complete any tasks assigned by management throughout the day - this is a great opportunity if you're looking to get your foot in the door at an organization, but don't have work experience yet.

#30 Senior Account Executive

Do you have experience as a senior account executive? If so, a job as an advertising executive might be the option that's right for you. As a senior account executive, you'll get paid $75k per year to work on ad campaigns for your clients. You'll need to have strong communication skills and the ability to provide excellent customer service to apply for these types of remote travel jobs.

#31 Senior Commercial Solar Sales Executive

What's this? You may ask. I'll tell you. As a remote senior commercial solar sales executive, you'll responsible for selling solar systems to clients. You'll get paid $110k+ per year to help sell solar-powered energy systems that can be used at sites such as farms, factories, or warehouses. If you're willing to learn more about the commercial solar industry while working from any location in the world, this job opportunity might be the perfect job for you.

#32 Senior Global Feasibility Lead

As a senior global feasibility lead, you'll get paid $100k+ to Lead and manage the process of clinical feasibility. You must have at least five years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to apply for this job opportunity.

#33 Senior Project Manager

Does the job of project managers fascinate you? If so, becoming a project manager might be the right job for you. As a senior project manager, you'll get paid $115k per year to manage projects and clients from any location in the world using your company's preferred communication tools (Slack, Skype, etc.). You must have project management experience and excellent communication skills to apply for this remote job.

#34 Services Client Executive

As a services client executive, you'll get paid $100k to sell services and products on behalf of your clients. Tasks include managing client relationships, providing updates to clients on the status of services provided, and working with vendors. Cool? Let's continue to the next batch of travel remote jobs.

#35 Software Developer

Do you love writing code? If yes, then becoming a software developer might be perfect for you. As a software developer, you'll get paid $65k+ per year to create new features and fix bugs on existing projects - all from the comfort of your mobile office.

#36 Special Education Teacher

If you have a love for working with children and teaching them new things, a special education teacher position may be perfect for you. As a special education teacher, your responsibilities will include helping students learn how to read and write properly. You must have at least two years of remote experience in the field of early childhood development.

#37 Travel Consultant

This one's obvious, but many people don't know travel consultants exist. They do, and they make a great living doing it! As a travel consultant, you'll get paid $100k per year to plan vacation packages for clients from any location in the world using your company's preferred tools (Slack, Skype, etc.). You must have strong communication skills and be able to work on several travel projects and clients at once.

#38 Vice President

Who has not dreamed of being a big boss? If you've been dreaming of becoming a vice president, this job opportunity may be the perfect position for you. As a remote vice president, you'll get paid $100k+ to make decisions about a company's operations and provide strategies that will help increase profitability.

#39 Translator

If languages are your thing, translator jobs are perfect for you. As a translator, you have to translate documents from one language into another using the company's preferred tools. You need at least to speak a second language fluently to apply for remote translator positions.

#40 Sales Executive

Do you love working on your own? If yes, this may be perfect for you. You need to meet with clients virtually during sales visits and demonstrate new products. You also need to provide sales support and follow up with existing clients. If this sounds like your dream job, apply today.

#41 Clinical Sales Specialist

Many people don't know remote clinical sales specialist jobs exist. But they do! As a remote clinical sales specialist, you'll get paid $95k per year to help patients understand and use medical products properly.

#42 Territory Account Manager

As a remote Territory Account Manager, your responsibilities will include managing all sales activities of existing clients and meeting with new ones to obtain contracts that increase revenue. While this sounds like a regular sales job, it's a territory management position. Besides, you can focus on travel or tourism while you're on the job.

#43 Instagram Manager

Love social media and remote work? This job may be the ideal position for you! As an Instagram manager, your responsibilities will include managing a company's or individual's Instagram account - all from the comfort of being where you want to be.

#44 Publish a book

Okay, not a job per se, but you could become an author. If so, your responsibilities will include writing and publishing books to sell online or in bookstores. Books are important documents that stay around for years after they're published - so definitely consider this opportunity you can do from any location.

#45 Teach English Online

Teaching English online is an opportunity that lets you work from anywhere. As a teacher, your responsibilities will include teaching students how to speak and write properly. If you love working with children, adults, and traveling, remote teaching is perfect for you. The freedom to live your life while working on something you love will make this position truly amazing!

#46 Teach Music Online

While teaching English online is a great opportunity, teaching music online is even better. As a remote teacher of music, you'll get to teach students from all over the world how to play musical instruments or sing using your preferred tools (Skype, Google Hangouts). You must have strong communication skills and be able to manage multiple clients at once.

#47 Freelance Writing

Become a freelance writer and travel the world while writing articles that people are willing to pay for. As a freelance writer, you'll get paid per article written based on your experience and expertise in different fields (traveling is always an advantage!).

#49 Online ESL Teacher

Do you have a passion for teaching? If so, online ESL teacher jobs may be perfect for you. As a remote English as Second Language (ESL) teacher, your responsibilities will include creating lesson plans and leading virtual classes in real-time. You'll need to speak multiple languages fluently - but it's definitely worth the hassle.

#50 Transcriber

If you have strong problem-solving skills and know-how to use remote tools, transcribing is an ideal remote job for travelers. As a transcriber, your responsibilities will include listening to audio files or videos in different languages and typing out what's being said so that it can be translated into text. You'll need to be detail-oriented and have the ability to work remotely.

#51 Influencer Assistant

Last, but not least, influencer assistant jobs are trending today. As a social media influencer assistant, you'll get paid to help online personalities manage their presence on different platforms - all while traveling the world! You need to have strong social media skills and be comfortable working with influencers.


There you have it. 51 of the best remote jobs for travelers. If you are looking for remote jobs you can do from anywhere in the world, remote job opportunities abound! From teaching English online or music online to being an Instagram manager - all of these positions offer a different way for remote workers to live their dream lifestyle while working remotely.

You can even publish your book without ever leaving home if that's what makes sense for you and your business goals. Whatever position suits your needs best, don't forget about how it will fit into your life as well as any other commitments you have outside of work hours. Remote worker freedom doesn't come without its drawbacks - but with careful consideration, this type of employment may just be perfect for you today!