Best Paying Remote Entry Level Software Developer Jobs

Are you looking for remote entry level software developer jobs? If so, you are not alone. With the economy in a slump and jobs scarce, many people turn to remote work as a way to earn money. That said, if you want to learn about the highest paying remote entry jobs for software developers (plus how to find them)!
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last updated on November 13th
There are many jobs that pay well, but there is a lot of competition for those positions. If you're trying to find an Entry Level job in the software sector, your best bet is to work remotely.

As long as you have a computer and internet access, then it's possible to find Remote Entry Level Software Developer Jobs. Remote jobs offer many benefits like flexible hours, telecommuting opportunities, and more. If this sounds like something that interests you, continue reading to find out how to get your first remote job!

But first, let's discuss the basics, to get a better idea of what to look for.


Remote job definition

The actual meaning of a remote job is that you can work from anywhere. You don't have to come into the office every day, and this means that someone in one city can do a job that needs an employee much closer. That's why many companies are hiring remotely!

What is a fully remote software company?

A fully remote company is a company that does not have any locations. All of their employees work from different parts of the world and they all communicate via email, phone calls, or video conferencing. There are no offices for them to go into every day, so everyone works remotely!

In most cases, if you need some type of special expertise then it's hard to find someone with that skill set in a remote location. However, if you are hiring an entry-level person, then it's much easier to work remotely because not many skills are required at this stage of the game.

As long as you have some type of computer and internet connection available then you can work from anywhere!

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Types of remote jobs

There are two main types of remote jobs:

Entry Level Jobs without experience and those for developers who have already 1+ years of experience.

Let's say you are a college student and don't have any work experience, but want to make some extra cash while going back to school. You can look for entry-level jobs that offer the ability to telecommute or work remotely! This is perfect because it allows you to earn money without having to leave school.

There still is plenty of opportunity for someone who has the experience and wants to work remotely. However, the competition is going to be higher than for someone who doesn't have any experience at all!

If you are a software developer with years of professional experience, then it's very likely that there is a remote job available in your skillset category. Many companies hire remotely because they can find the talent they need without leaving their office space! If you're an experienced worker looking for a remote job then it's going to be harder because remote jobs tend to go to people who are just starting in the workforce and don't have much (or any) experience yet!

Benefits of starting as an entry-level developer

There are many benefits to starting as an entry-level developer instead of trying to find a senior-level position.

  1. One reason is that you can get paid less and increase your salary potential overtime!
  2. Another benefit is that the skills required for the job will be much easier than what's needed in higher-level positions like Architect or Lead Developer.
  3. After you gain some more experience, then it's possible to move into higher-level positions like Lead Developer. This means that you can get paid $100,000+ per year depending on the company and location!
  4. Each remote job has different benefits but one thing is for certain - all of them offer flexibility in scheduling which is a huge perk for working parents!
  5. Finally, most companies offer entry-level jobs that you can search for by using our job board. If this sounds like something that interests you, continue reading to find out how to get your first remote job!

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Where to find entry-level remote programming jobs?

If you are looking for entry-level programming jobs then your best option is to use a job board that specializes in remote work. There's no point searching on Monster or Craigslist because those will not be the right fit!

Instead, we recommend using our website and signing up as a member so you can apply directly from there.

We have listed tons of entry-level jobs so you can easily find the perfect job for your skillset!

Requirements to get entry-level jobs?

If you are looking at our site and wondering what requirements there might be, then let us explain right away. The only requirement is that you have some type of computer or laptop with an internet connection. Other than that, most companies looking for 1+ years of experience in software development.

If you only have a high school diploma or college degree then it's likely that you can get an entry-level job as a software developer intern.

What skills do companies ask for?

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When applying to entry-level remote software developer jobs, make sure you have some of the skills they are looking for! This includes things like:

  • Experience with a certain programming language. Most companies require knowledge in C++, .NET, or Java among others.
  • They also look at your resume and see if you used any technologies that may be relevant to their company's needs.
  • A college degree is not mandatory but it helps if you have one!
  • Another skill you need is to be able to work remotely. This is a big reason why many companies hire remote workers instead of their in-office staff!
  • You also need communication and organizational skills. These are extremely important because you will be working with remote team members and clients regularly!
  • Finally, you need to have some experience with software development. This doesn't mean that you need years of professional experience but it does help if you know how to get started!

Salary and Benefits for entry-level jobs?

The salary you can get with an entry-level software developer job with no experience will depend on the company that hires you, your location, experience levels, etc.

In general, though it's safe to say that you can make anywhere from $40,000 - $70,000 per year. Higher-level positions like Lead Developer and Software Architect would get paid more than this though!

As for benefits, most entry-level jobs do not offer any type of health insurance or retirement plans. This is why it's important to have a side job or work as an independent developer.

The Best Paying Remote Entry Level Developer Jobs:

  1. One of the best paying entry-level jobs is Cloud Developer. This job pays $60,000 per year on average and you will work for a company that specializes in cloud computing!
  2. Another entry-level remote software developer job would be .NET Developer which pays around $55,000 on average.
  3. Third place goes to Software Developer which pays $50,000 per year on average. You don't need experience if you know how to program in Java!
  4. Mobile Applications is another great entry-level job that pays around $45,000 annually. The only requirement here is knowledge of iOS or Android development languages like Objective C and Swift!
  5. Big Data Entry Level Jobs are also popular among recent graduates who do not have much work experience yet. This type of entry-level programming job can pay up to $60,000 annually depending on the company!
  6. Data Scientist is one more highly paid entry-level remote software developer position with no requirements other than a college degree (or high school diploma).
  7. Finally, our last entry-level job is Java Developer. This position requires some experience but pays up to $65,000 per year on average!

All of these are great opportunities if you want to get into the programming world with little experience!

What are some benefits?

Entry-level software developers who work remotely have many benefits. These include things like:

  • Flexible schedule - You get to control your working hours so you can work at night, during the day, or on weekends!
  • This means that if you have a family with young kids then it's easy for you to work around their schedules. This is why many parents love remote jobs because they can spend more time with their families!
  • Freedom - You have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. This is a great perk for many people who love to travel or see new places!
  • Some programmers live on a cruise ship and visit different countries every week while working remotely! How awesome would that be?
  • Work from home - You can work for a company without ever having to go into the office. This is great if you hate commuting or have social anxiety!
  • In addition, this helps with distractions at home because you do not get easily distracted by your environment!
  • Higher chances of success - Working remotely means that nobody will be breathing down your neck or telling you what to do. This means that there are higher chances of success for remote workers!

What are the downsides?

  • The main one is that it can be harder to establish a connection with your co-workers.
  • This means you need to make sure that there are other ways for you and your team members to communicate like Slack or Skype!
  • Another downside is the lack of motivation when working from home. It's easy for many people, especially those who work independently, to get distracted and procrastinate.
  • This means that you need to make sure your office space is fully equipped with no distractions!

How to land my first job?

Companies are more likely to hire someone with previous full-time experience over an entry-level worker. However, there is always room for new graduates and those without any work history at all - as long as you're willing to put in the time and effort to get your first remote job.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your resume and cover letter are polished. Make sure they reflect all of the skills, qualifications, and traits that a company would want in a remote worker!

Next up is to apply for these jobs online. The most popular job websites offer many opportunities but also may not give you the best results since there are so many other applicants.

One way you can get around this is by using LinkedIn - most companies use it for their recruiting, meaning that even if they don't have a job listed online then applying with your profile is one of the only ways to go!

How do I stand out?

A lot of remote jobs are filled by referrals, so if you don't have any work experience then landing your first remote job will be tough.

One thing that can help is to put yourself out there! Join meetups near where you live and talk about software development with other people who also love this career path. You never know what connections or opportunities could arise!

Finally, make sure you stay up to date with the latest trends in software development! This can be done by attending meetups, watching online tutorials, or simply looking at open-source codes of popular projects.

List of companies offering remote entry-level jobs

There are many companies out there that offer remote work opportunities for entry-level programmers. Some of the best include:

  1. eBay - This online marketplace offers various software engineer positions which require Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field, and knowledge of web application development using JSP/HTML/CSS
  2. Amazon - Amazon is one of the best online marketplaces for programmers. They offer a lot of part-time and full-time positions in various departments, including software engineering!
  3. Linkedin - This is one of the most popular social media platforms out there that offers great opportunities to entry-level workers. If you have a profile with strong skills then it's likely that they will reach out to you!
  4. Google - Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world that hires many entry-level workers. They offer full-time positions, summer internships, and co-ops opportunities at their headquarters in Mountain View, California.
  5. IBM - IBM is a huge company that offers many opportunities for entry-level workers. They have various positions available in software development, design, and more!

How does a remote job day look like?

Remote work is great because it means that you can set your hours and decide how to spend your time.

This means no more early morning commutes or long days at the office! You may not even have a schedule either which gives you the freedom to work whenever - as long as you're getting all of your tasks done, of course!

Another great thing about remote work is the fact that you can choose where to live. The beautiful part of this career path is that it doesn't matter if you're in a big city or rural area because your location won't affect your job - unless maybe there are specific skills required for certain positions!

It also means more time to travel and explore the world! Remote work is ideal for digital nomads or people who want to get out of their comfort zone. There are so many amazing places in this world that you may not have ever seen if working a typical nine-to-five job was always your priority.


The best paying remote entry-level software developer jobs are out there! As you can see from the list of companies, you have a lot to choose from. If working remotely sounds like it would be a good fit for your personality and lifestyle then we encourage you to apply today.

If you're not sure where to start or you need some help, consider leaving a comment or contact us, so we can connect you with a recruiter who specializes in helping entry-level workers find remote jobs.

You never know what opportunities may come up in the future with these types of positions so don't wait any longer - get started now!