Can Software Engineers Work From Home? We show you how!

Can software engineers work from home? The answer is yes if they know how to find remote jobs. This blog post will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether or not working remotely is for you!
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd » 
last updated on November 13th
Software engineers who work from home are paid well and enjoy the perks of working remotely. They often get to spend more time with their family since they don't have to commute long distances every day. The salary for a software engineer is typically higher than average, and there are many benefits that come with this job such as health insurance, retirement packages, and even bonuses!

This is a complete guide for software developers who're on the lookout to work from home – or like me – anywhere in the world.

I will walk you through what it means to be a remote developer as well as give you tips for finding your first job as one!

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you everything I’ve learned over my years of being a full-time remote worker.

Why working remotely?

We all have our reasons why we want to work remotely. For example, some people want more flexibility in their schedule so they can balance different tasks better or spend time with family and friends every evening after work.

Why remote work is the future

Some of us might not like the idea of waking up early just to catch a train/bus for an hour commute before spending 40 hours working in front of our desks at an office.

And others might be attracted to the idea of getting rich by doing very little work, but that’s not me! I also wanted to share my thoughts on how working from home can help you become a better developer and person in general.


So let's dive right into it!

What is remote work?

The first question people usually ask me about being a work from home software engineer is "can you do it?" The answer: yes and no.

If your day job involves coding for a traditional company, then you probably cannot work from your own office. In most cases, your employer will not allow it and may even have a policy in place prohibiting working remotely.

If they do let you work from your home office for some reason, make sure to check with them before starting!

As a work-from-home software engineer myself, I know that this is a great career path. It can be hard to find remote software engineer jobs, but we will show you how in the next section!

work from home software engineer

Remote work is becoming popular with the rise of telecommuting, so it's no surprise that many developers are interested in working remotely. We'll start by answering whether or not engineers can work from home and what the benefits and drawbacks might be.

The biggest benefits as a remote developer are:

  1. Freedom of schedule. You can work when you like, where you like and how long for!
  2. Better quality time with your family. As a remote developer, I get to choose what hours I want to work each day which allows me more time at home during the weekdays or weekends that I spend working on my side projects.
  3. More opportunities to travel the world. If you love traveling, then remote work is a great opportunity for you! It will allow you to see more parts of the world and expand your horizons as an individual.
  4. No manager is breathing down your neck and telling you what to do. You are free to work on whatever tasks or projects that interest you without anyone asking for updates every hour!
  5. Motivation comes easily when working from home. This might not be true for everyone, but I can tell you that I have never found it harder than it is today to stay motivated at my day job.

The biggest downsides? You may be asking yourself "what are some disadvantages of working from home?"

  1. The first disadvantage is that you have a lack of co-workers. You might be working on a project from home, but there is no way to communicate with them in person which can cause problems when it comes time for code reviews or even just discussions about the progress of your work!
  2. You also may not get paid as much compared to an office job because you don't have expenses. You can work remotely without any extra costs but you may not get paid as much if the company values that type of life over having a good salary, benefits, and perks.
  3. Finding remote software engineering jobs is not always easy! I know it's tough to find your first job in this industry when working remotely, so we've put together a list of the best companies to work for in your city.
  4. It can be lonely at times. You might start feeling like there's no one around, which makes it harder for you when trying to stay motivated.

So... can software engineers work from home?

The short answer to this question depends on your role and the company you work for.

If we take a traditional software engineering work from home job, most companies will require their engineers to be present in an office every day – at least during set hours.

most companies will require their engineers to be present

These are usually big corporations or other organizations that have strict rules about being in the office so they can keep track of their employees.

If you work for one of these companies, then the answer to “can I work from home?” is a big NO. You will only be able to do it if your company allows telecommuting and they choose to give you a remote role.

Even in this case, many people are not even aware that it’s possible to work from home as a software developer.

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest problems in our industry at the moment. There are too many companies out there that do not offer remote jobs and it's forcing talented engineers into working for them even when they don't want to!

But – remote work is increasing fast and there are more and more companies that do offer remote jobs – we put together a list of the best ones here. If you find the right opportunities, then the answer is YES – you can work from home as a software engineer!

However, you might be thinking "but wait, why want software developers work from home?" It's a valid question and one that we will answer in the next section.

Can you make more money working remotely?

One of the biggest perks about being a remote worker is making more money!

I know it sounds crazy but there are quite a few developers out there who are making more money by working remotely than if they worked in an office.

This is especially true for companies that hire remote engineers or IT contractors to work on-site with their clients.  For example, I know a software developer who earns around $70/hr while living in the Philippines and works part-time! He spends his mornings online and then heads to the beach or goes shopping in the afternoon.

The reason that this is possible for him is that he works remotely, so his employer does not have to pay for an office space with all of its associated costs (rent/mortgage, utilities, etc.). So they decided to increase his hourly rate and he still gets enough work!

So if you’re looking for a way to make more money as an engineer, working remotely might be your answer.  We will talk about how much software engineers earn when working remotely in our next section.

As a developer working from home – can I get paid $100k or more?

If you want to know how much software engineers earn when working from home, the answer is it depends!  There are so many factors that determine what a remote developer will get paid including:

  • The country or city they live in.
  • The company/client they work for and its location.
  • Your experience level and seniority what type of work you do (full-time, part-time, or contract)
  • Whether or not you work in the same country as your employer.

country or city they live in

All of these factors come into play when determining how much an engineer will get paid for working remotely and it means that there is no one definitive answer to this question!  But, we can give you a rough idea based on research conducted by Stack Overflow earlier this year.

So what did they find?

They collected data from 64,000 developers and this is what the average salary numbers looked like:

The above graph tells us that remote software engineers earn around $60k/year on average. If you live in a big city or work for one of the top tech companies then it's possible to earn $100k/year or more – but it's also possible to earn less than the averages shown here.

So now you probably think "but wait, why would I want to work from home if I can't make as much money?" Unfortunately, this is a very real problem for many developers and one of our goals with this article is to convince you that it is possible to make more money while working for a remote company.

The big question: can I get health benefits and paid time off?

One of the biggest perks about being an employed software engineer is having access to great healthcare and other employee benefits like paid time-off! Can you still get these things if you work remotely?

How to get work from home jobs for software engineers?

The big question is how can developers find remote work? Fortunately, many companies offer a variety of opportunities for engineers!

It's also possible to get hired as a work from home software developer through platforms like

When you work for an employer that allows telecommuting there are usually some requirements they require before hiring. This includes things like having a dedicated office space at your home (with no pets or kids running around!) and keeping regular business hours.  This means not working all night or on weekends!

It's also important to note that your employer might request an in-person interview (or two) before they hire you.  This is meant to ensure that you are a good fit for the company and can work well with their team. So don't be surprised if this happens!

What do companies look for in remote devs?

Companies look for different things when hiring remote software engineers. Some of the most important qualities to have include:

  1. Being reliable and responsible (remember, it's harder to track your progress without face-to-face communication)
  2. Having a positive attitude
  3. Being able to get along with others
  4. Having good written communication skills
  5. Being detail-oriented
  6. Communication over chat and online calls is key to working successfully from home and it's especially important for remote software engineers who don't get the chance to talk with their co-workers face-to-face regularly.

Finally, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that companies hire for different types of work from home jobs for software engineers. Some examples include:

  1. Front-end developers
  2. Back-end developers
  3. DevOps engineers (specialists who work on cloud infrastructure, deployment automation, and CI/CD pipelines)

Are remote jobs in high demand?

Currently, remote software engineers are in high demand! This is because employers recognize the value of allowing employees to work from home (which saves them money on office space or real estate).

There has also been an increase in remote job opportunities in recent years due to companies like Amazon and Google building offices all over the world.  Now people who work in these companies can work from home (or anywhere they want) and still get the benefits of working for a large company.

The takeaway: it's possible to make more money while working remote! We know that developers are worried about making less than their office-bound peers, but this isn't always true. If you find a company that offers a competitive salary and benefits, it's possible to make more money while working from home.


If you are still wondering: can software engineers work from home? Then the clear answer is yes, you can! Since software developers are in high demand, it is possible to make more money while working from home. With the right employer that offers competitive salaries and benefits, remote jobs can be a great opportunity for any developer looking to work remotely.

However, communication over chat or phone should still be prioritized if you're an employee at a remote company since this will allow your team members to communicate better with one another on projects even when they aren't together in person.

Working from home can be a great answer to the question of how software engineers make more money. It's possible to earn an average of $60,000 per year with remote work- it also depends on where you live and what company you're working for.

We specialize in getting companies engaged in telecommuting partnerships so we may have some answers or connections for you!