15 Reasons Why Remote Work is Better than Office

Working from home is becoming more and more common, but many people still do not understand the benefits of this method. This blog post will go over 15 reasons why you should consider working remotely in order to improve your productivity and happiness!
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd » 
last updated on November 13th
If you love the idea of remote work, but are not sure where to start – this blog post is for you. From saving on transportation costs and time to finding a better balance with your family life – there are many benefits of working remotely.

Why go to work when you can stay at home or can live in the Best Cities for Remote Workers? Remote work offers a lot of benefits that working in an office does not. Whether it's flexible hours or more time with your family, there are many reasons why remote work is better than going into an office every day.

So, without any further ado, let's get started!

More time for family and kids

Many people who go into an office every day do so because they feel like it is the only option available to them. They don't know what a remote job is.

However, this isn't always true.

Working remotely means that you can spend more quality time with your family and kids at home while still earning a living for yourself and your loved ones.

This also has the added benefit of cutting down on the amount of time that you spend commuting to and from work each day, which gives you even more free time.

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Less stress

One of the best reasons to work remotely is because it helps you cut down on stress.

While working in an office, there are many things that can cause unnecessary stress for employees.

When people are working in an office every day they often have a lot of pressure put upon them by their supervisors or managers. This is because there are so many other employees around them who might be able to do their job better than they can.

However, when a person works remotely, this stress does not exist because the only people who you might have to answer to are your clients and customers.

cut down on stress working at home

More time to think

When you work remotely, there are no distractions that might take away from your ability to think clearly.

This is because when you're working in an office it often feels like everyone around you has something else they need to be doing rather than focusing on their job.

While this can help spur creativity for some people, it can also make others feel like they are not getting the attention that they need to get their work done.

More flexible schedules

Working remotely often gives you more flexibility with your schedule than working in an office does. This is because when people go into an office every day there will be clients or customers who come by and interrupt them throughout the day.  This can make it difficult for an employee to manage their time and waste a lot of gas driving from one place to another.

When you work remotely, however, there are fewer people who come by your house every day which means that you will have more flexibility with your schedule. This is helpful because if you have a day where you just want to stay inside and relax, no one will be able to bother you.

You can wear whatever you want

Pyjama, shorts, or do you prefer to be naked? No problem! Working remotely means you can wear whatever you want, just as long as it's appropriate for the workplace.

Since there are no co-workers or managers around to tell remote workers what they should and shouldn't be wearing, casual dress is encouraged. This way of working allows employees to feel more comfortable at work so that they can focus on their tasks with ease.

You don't have to commute for an hour every morning just

Many people opt to work remotely so that they don't have to commute. Whether it's because of bad traffic, poor weather conditions, or just not wanting to spend their time driving back and forth each day - employees usually find themselves much happier when working at home instead.

Remote workers don't need to worry about commuting either because they're already at home, which does wonders for their work-life balance!

Woman working on her laptop

This is especially great for people that work from home, as they can wear whatever is the most comfortable and not have to worry about what others think of their style choices!

No one will know if you put your feet up on the desk and take a nap

Picture this: you're working on a big project that's due in just over an hour. You've been staring at the same document for hours but have made little to no progress, and now your eyes are starting to get heavy.

Taking a quick nap can be beneficial because it will help refresh your mind so that you can come back with a fresh perspective.

At the office, it's not always easy to take a quick nap without being caught by managers or co-workers. But working remotely means no one will know if you put your feet up on the desk and have a little snooze - so go ahead! You've earned it after all that hard work.

Your co-workers won't ask to borrow money from you for lunch (or anything else)

Sharing lunches is a great way to bond at work, but sometimes it can get awkward when someone asks you for money.

Remote workers don't have this problem because they aren't around their co-workers all the time like office workers are. This also means that remote employees won't be asked to help with anything outside of what they're supposed to be working on.

Working remotely means your co-workers won't ask you for money, and if they do? Well, that's just one less person who can distract you from doing what matters most!

You don't have to worry about what to do when it's raining outside or snowing

If you are working in an office, then there is a good chance that your hours will follow the typical nine to five schedule.

However, this means that if it's raining outside or snowing heavily, employees have to continue going to work so they can get their job done. This takes away some of the "fun" aspects of being in an office when it's bad weather outside.

Remote workers don't have to worry about this because they aren't confined into one space for eight hours a day, five days a week. This allows them to work whenever and wherever they please - even on a day when it's raining or snowing heavily.

Not serious: You don't have to worry about your co-worker's underwear

Picture this: you're in the middle of working on an important task when your co-worker walks into your office space, wearing nothing but their underwear and a bathrobe. They then proceed to take off said robe - right there in front of you!

This is something that happened too often for those who work at an office. No matter what the case may be, this can make for an incredibly uncomfortable work environment.

Working remotely means you will never have to worry about your co-workers making a sudden appearance in their underwear again! This is because remote employees don't share any physical space with their co-workers and are free to do whatever they want without having to worry about what the people around them may be thinking.

It's easier to get things done without any interruptions

One of the most important aspects of working is being able to complete tasks with ease.

However, this often becomes impossible when employees are constantly interrupted by co-workers or managers who need their attention. This can cause people to become distracted and makes it harder for them to focus on what matters most.

Remote workers don't have these problems because they aren't around other people all the time. This means that they won't be interrupted by co-workers, which allows them to get more done in less time!

You'll never need to take time off work because of illness or family emergencies again!

Taking time off work can be difficult.

For example, if someone is sick or has to go take care of a family emergency they will have no choice but to call out of work so that they don't spread germs around the office and risk infecting their co-workers. This means that unless you're running a one-man show, you'll have to take some time off work too.

Working remotely means that you won't ever need to worry about calling into work because of illness or a family emergency again! This is because you aren't confined into one location for most of the day, which allows you to do whatever it takes whenever and wherever it needs doing.

Working from home means no office politics

Office politics is something no one likes dealing with.

However, this can be incredibly difficult to avoid at work because most people are forced into the same physical space every day - which means they have little choice but to deal with it! Working remotely allows employees to escape all of these problems and focus on what matters most instead.

Remote workers don't need to worry about office politics anymore because they aren't around other people all the time. This means that they won't run into any of these problems, which allows them to focus on their work instead!

Remote work is less distracting

Working in an office means you are surrounded by people all the time, which can lead to distractions and interruptions constantly popping up.

However, remote workers don't have this problem since they're not around co-workers who may be making noise or having side conversations that take away from their tasks for the day. This allows remote workers to stay on task and get more done, without distractions.

Your co-workers are more like friends

In an office setting, employees are usually only cordial with each other - but that's about it.

Working remotely allows people to connect more deeply and become actual friends because they find themselves spending a lot of time together! This means you'll have someone to talk to whenever you need help or just want some company while working from home.

Conclusion Why Remote Work is Better

Remote workers don't have to worry about office politics, interruptions from co-workers or managers, and they get to work in a comfortable environment.

Working remotely also means you'll never need time off for illness or family emergencies again because you're not confined into one location all day long like most employees are forced to do.

You can easily avoid distractions by working at home without worrying about other people making an appearance in their underwear while sleeping on the couch next door!

Lastly, co-workers are more like friends because you'll find yourself spending a lot of time with them. You can skip all the formalities and get down to business when working from home!