17 Best Skills for Remote Working every Employer wants You to have

Remote working is a growing trend that many people are adopting. That said, remote work does come with its own set of challenges that must be addressed in order for it to be successful. Here are 17 best skills for remote working!
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd » 
last updated on November 13th
The best remote work skills are the ones that make you a more productive, successful and happy person. And when you're in a position where you have to be on your own for most of the day, it's even more important to be able-to-do these things well.

Below we will take a look at the best skills every Employer wants you to have!

There are many best skills for remote working that employers want you to have, but the best skill of all is being able to work remotely. It's a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills.

At the end of the day, what matters most is evolving personally and professionally, whether you're working remotely or not.

Personal skills for remote workers

Unless you have been living under a rock, you're might not be wondering what is a remote job and would know that remote talent is in high demand. If you're wondering which skills for remote jobs are needed, read on – whether it's your first time or your tenth time working from home.

Personal skills for remote workers

A few of the best things and skills about successful people who have been able to grow their careers while staying at home are having strong communication skills, being highly organized, and having the best personal time management skills.

Some employers want you to be available at all times just like they are too which means that if something comes up out of nowhere it has to be dealt with immediately whether you're in bed or not.

So, you need to be super flexible and ready for anything. Let's discuss the top skills you need to succeed in today's global market.


The ability to stay focused and motivated is essential for success in this type of work environment. Remote workers need self-control as well as confidence, resilience & discipline which will help them maintain their internal drive towards completion!

Think about it. Most of the time you're alone at home, so your best option is to motivate yourself. If you're stuck – who is there to help you? So it's essential to have a great sense of self-efficacy to succeed.

You can't call your mom or best friend to send you a motivational SMS or video message, can you?

Resourcefulness & Versatility

One thing employers want you to have for your best success is resourcefulness and versatility.

It's a must for staying competitive in the job market today and it will increase your chances of landing that dream remote position. It can be anything from being able to adapt quickly to any situation, or even learning new skills on the fly so you're ready for every single challenge coming up ahead of time.

The best way to do this is by always having a positive mindset and looking at the bright side of things. In remote work, everything can be done from anywhere as long as you have access to your laptop or PC which means that your location shouldn't matter when it comes to doing quality work because all you need is the best internet connection.

Being able to continue learning and growing on the job is an essential part of what sets Workable apart. Employees need always to be hungry for new challenges, no matter if they come in person or online!

Creativity & ability to think outside of the box

This one is bigger than you might think. It's not just about being able to do a great job and produce the best results, but it's also about making the best decisions when you're working remotely by yourself without anyone around to consult with or ask for advice from.

You have all the power in your hands so this is probably one of those best personal skills that can take you far in your remote career.

So, think outside of the box and always try to be as resourceful as possible! It will help you achieve the best results if done properly. If a problem comes up, it's best to be able to come up with as many solutions as possible and then choose the best one.

Ability to work independently

This one is kind of a no-brainer.

Being able to work effectively without having someone always looking over your shoulder might be difficult for some, but it's best if you learn how to do this properly so that you can shine and impress potential employers with the best results they didn't even know were possible!

Your boss won't show up every day to tell you what he or she wants, so it's best if you know how to take the lead and manage yourself accordingly.

Remember there are no limits when working remotely, whether they're time-space related or not! You can work whenever you want wherever you want as long as everything is set up properly in advance which means that setting up a schedule for yourself is best if you want to achieve the best results.

People skills

Okay, you're working at home or from anywhere in the world, but that doesn't mean you can just forget about people skills. You'll need them to be best prepared for every challenge coming up ahead of time!

Man working on his laptop showing his skills

Even if you're working remotely it's best not to have an introverted personality and always try your best to interact with everyone around you – whether they're in person or online.

Good communication skills

When it comes to people skills, this one is best to have because it's all about being able to understand what others are trying to say, whether they're your co-workers or clients.

It doesn't matter if things get a little bit awkward at times – you might need time and practice to make sure that everything goes well when working remotely with different types of people from different backgrounds – it's best to keep an open mind and always try your best with everyone.

Teamwork skills

Even if everyone is remote and there aren't any people around to work with in person, here are the best skills for remote working in teams:

  • Work with others even though they might not be in the same room as you.
  • Communicate with your co-workers regularly so that everyone is best prepared even if they're working remotely from different locations and time zones.
  • If someone makes a critical mistake, don't hold a grudge – best to forgive and move forward.
  • If you're best prepared for every challenge that comes your way it's more than likely that employers will love you!


Since you're working remotely, best to take charge and be the best leader anyone could ever ask for.

This is an essential part of what makes Workable such a great place to work because it's all about empowering employees with critical responsibilities that allow them to shine in their way while learning how best they can cope when managing themselves.

Organizational skills

Being organized and managing your time wisely so that everything runs smoothly will help you get through all of this in no time. After all, working remotely isn't just about doing great work and earning money - it's also about taking care of yourself and having enough quality time to do the things you love best.

Organizational skills are important for remote workers

The best thing to do is always try and take care of everything in advance so that your employer knows what they're getting into before hiring you, best prepared with a plan for every challenge coming up ahead of time!

Adaptability & Flexibility

Remote work means having a lot of freedom to do what you want best whenever and wherever, but that also means best being prepared for every challenge without getting too stressed out.

If something goes wrong it's best not to panic! Try your best if things get a little bit hectic by taking some time off from working remotely or finding someone who can best help you sort things out promptly.

If everything goes well, that's great! If not, best to keep going and try your best once again until all obstacles are overcome. After all, it's best to learn from every experience because there is no failure only feedback.


Working remotely means being best at multitasking – doing a lot of things at the same time and trying to coordinate everything accordingly.

This can help reduce stress levels, but also best manage time wisely so everyone knows what they're best prepared to do at any given point throughout the day.

On some days it might be best to take it easy, best prepared for the next day. On other days you might be best at taking on more challenging tasks so that everyone knows what they should do best throughout their workday.

That's why multitasking is essential when working remotely – since there are no set hours and everything depends upon your personal preferences!

Excellent time management skills

Having your schedule is great.

But you're also responsible for best managing your own time and best setting a routine that works best for you so that you become the best at what you do while still being able to take care of yourself.

In this case, it's all about striking a balance between work, play, and everything else in between – which is why excellent time management skills are essential if working from home best suits your personality.

Strategic skills for remote work

So, let's discuss the best strategies skills for managing your work from home.

Strategic skills

This is all about planning and best preparing yourself with a set routine so that you can master the art of working remotely while being best prepared if anything goes wrong along the way!

Decision making

Be prepared to take the initiative and be proactive about everything necessary to best achieve your goals at work. You don't wait around for orders – no point wasting time when it could be better spent doing something else!

You best take charge of your actions and best plan out everything carefully so that you can best focus on doing what needs to be done.

The best thing about working remotely is it all depends upon yourself – no more running around like a headless chicken trying to manage everyone else's expectations!

Critical thinking

If you know what to do, keep doing it.

But if something goes wrong, think outside of the box and try your best at coming up with a solution even when there seems to be none!

This is all about solving problems as they come together so that everyone can achieve their goals together without wasting valuable time trying to find ways around obstacles.

Critical thinking enhances the value of remote work since you need best prepared for everything that comes your way!


Working remotely means being a problem solver when things go wrong.

That's why preparing yourself to solve problems as they come up is essential when working from home so that everyone can work together seamlessly in an efficient way!

No one ever said it would be easy, but if you know what you're prepared for, keep going and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

If you're prepared, everyone wins!


The best skills for remote working include time management, decision-making, critical thinking, and problem-solving. These best practices will help you to work both efficiently and effectively when tackling any challenges that might come your way!

But, working remotely can be a challenge at times – but it is also an opportunity to gain valuable experience while being able to better manage yourself as well as take charge of the situation if anything should go wrong along the way!

If everyone knows what they're best prepared to do then multitasking becomes essential since there aren't set hours - everything depends on personal preferences.

It's all about striking a balance between work, play, and everything in between so excellent time management skills are essential working from home best suits your personality. If you're best prepared for everything that comes your way, then why not give it a try?