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About us

We are Nebulab, the eCommerce agency behind some of today's most successful brands. We specialize in building custom experiences for international clients across a wide array of verticals and lead development on Solidus - an open-source platform that helps trailblazing industry leaders set up shop with ease!

The right team for a winning strategy

We’re an innovative group of strategists, designers, and engineers. Our remote-first culture based on continuous learning is what sets us apart from other agencies - it's how we pursue excellence in everything that matters to our clients! We are bold in our pursuit for excellence as we work towards raising the bar of what eCommerce looks like! We are looking for Ruby on Rails developers to join our distributed team and work on challenging international projects, both open-source and proprietary. If you love what we do here at Wowza then this is a great opportunity as well!

Requirements remote Ruby on Rail.....

About us

We are on a mission to improve the way software gets built, and it's only natural that we focus first on people. We want all of our Double Agents - you know what they say about being double-agented- feeling happy at work with ample opportunities for engagement in a remote environment including employee resource groups centered around interpersonal growth each week as well as weekly team hangouts where developers learn new skills or interact despite time differences! At Test Double, we're not your typical software company. We believe that developing high-quality products starts with understanding what our customers need for their problems and how they use the product themselves - this way it's more personal than just another "one size fits all" approach! Our development team is composed of diverse backgrounds which helps us tackle new challenges every day while learning best practices along the way from other teams' experiences too without ever being left behind or.....

About us

Return shipping is one of the most frustrating aspects of e-commerce. Brands are always eager to get their products back once you receive them, but they have no choice in this decision as it's up solely with customer satisfaction or refund rights under the law! 8returns solves all these problems by providing an elegant returns experience for customers who want hassle-free returns at any time - without sacrificing sustainability and goodwill on either side. We are so excited to share the news about our first round of funding with you! Thank you for believing in what we're doing and helping make it happen. The support from industry leaders like Philipp Kreibohm (founder home24), Björn Sykora (founder Mister Spex) & Paul Schwarzenholz has been incredible, as well as Johannes Schaback who is the CTO at SumUp entertainment company; Tamaz Georgadze +Frank Freund founders raisin wine brand; and Verena Pausder author entrepreneur whose work focuses on female entrepre.....

About us

At DNSimple, we're always looking for bright minds with a passion for innovation. If you share this mindset then get excited because our team has an opportunity that's perfect for someone like yourself! As Software Engineer on the Registrar Systems Team-in charge of developing and operating backend products used by customers around the world - your job will be helping us maintain high levels of feature/functional coverage while also working closely alongside other engineers who are passionate about tackling tough problems head-on no matter how large or small they may seem at first glance We offer you a compensation of $70k - $100k per Year depending on your experience.

Responsibilities remote Software Engineer

  • You're in charge of adding support for new TLDs and maintaining the existing offerings.
  • You are a natural leader who inspires others to take on challenging goals. Your glowing personality and ability to make well-reasone.....

About You

You'll be part of an exciting team that is working on the next-generation SaaS platform. This project will require you to use modern technologies like ReactJS, Ruby On Rails, and Python with AI for natural language processing (NLP). As a remote senior software engineer/architect your job duties include designing systems as well as developing them in these languages or teams-related areas - this can range anywhere from frontend development down through back-ends architecture depending on what needs are needed within each specific application!

About us

PathFactory is a company dedicated to helping B2B marketers understand the role of content in their buyer’s journey and discover new data that can be used for optimization. Pathfactory extracts this information from its users, utilizing it as they go about optimizing different channels with relevant information at hand wherever you click or navigate online! PathFactory is a visionary company with custome.....