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If you love contributing to a team of like-minded individuals, then this is the perfect job for you. The main responsibility for this position involves producing high-quality code and shaping together with your teammate's best practices vertically across all solution areas including frontend applications using React/Redux & TypeScript while also being expected to interact frequently to create pixels perfect UIs according to design specs from our designer! You will be a key member of the product team, implementing new features and shaping best practices for our clients. You'll work alongside other developers who are also experts across all technical disciplines - including full-stack web development!

What we are looking for

We are looking for a passionate Full Stack Engineer that wants to help shape our web application and make it an industry-leading platform. You should have experience with backend technologies, as well as a public cloud (AWS prefe.....

About The Role

As a Senior Full Stack Engineer at Facet Wealth, you will be able to work with our Engineering & Product teams. Your responsibilities include developing world-class commercial software used by clients that help them plan their finances more efficiently! As one of the best companies in this industry, I'm confident we can meet your goals and exceed expectations on what's possible for someone like yourself working here too As an experienced developer skilled in not only programming but also design implementation or Architecture decisions - if these terms are new words then now would make sense as they pertain specifically towards technology within today’s market environment. Successful candidates will be able to work with modern front and back-end technologies, as well as new languages/technology stacks. They should also have the ability for tackling large problems that require expertise in solving them on their own or collaborating with other programm.....

About the role

Are you an experienced remote Ruby Engineer engineer who's looking for a position working with an exciting new company based in Brussels? Our team is currently made up of two front-end developers, one DevOps specialist, and a cyber security expert. We are seeking someone to help us build out our platform from scratch as we grow! We're not looking for our own company, but one of our favorite clients. We consciously chose to work with them and are super excited about it! Our client has committed to providing transparency when it comes to consumer privacy. Their software solutions allow for companies in Europe and beyond to comply with the GDPR, as well as e-privacy cookie law - making them one of few IT firms who can do so! This client is actively promoting higher levels of transparency towards consumers about their data being collected; enabling fairer balances between rights holders' needs vs those individuals'. SaaS products are designed accordingly b.....


There are many tools out there to build a successful platform, but it's the experiences you present your users with that will define their experience. Radix is looking for someone who can bring UX design expertise to create Defi-centric user interfaces that excite people about this new frontier of finance! Defi has turned out to be the killer app that is taking public distributed ledgers from niche products for speculators and hobbyists. With it comes a new paradigm of user interfaces, as authentication models change with each passing day; at Radix you’ll have an opportunity not just to define how things go forward but also work on projects dealing with globally significant topics like money itself! Working from a series of end-to-end user scenarios, you will be in charge of wireframing delightful and captivating experiences. Pitch your design to an amazing team who care deeply for the outcome! Then work closely with artists & UI experts before delivering co.....

About us

It's been an incredible year for Steadily. We've grown from 5 people to 30 over the last 12 months, and our technical challenges have gotten interesting! If you love building web apps or service-oriented architecture then this company is perfect because we need someone with experience in both fields who can help us build core parts of our stack like APIs & microservices. Steadily is an insurance company that provides affordable, fast coverage to property owners. We do this by using our cutting-edge technology and service so you can be confident in your rainy day! At Steadily Insurance Services we have a simple mission: To give landlords the peace of mind they need when it comes time for them to buy their auto or home insurance policy because at Steadily, being insured never feels too much work Why join us
  • We're growing fast and are well-funded (Series A, $30M)
  • There is a reason we're so successful. The founders a.....

About us

We are building a design tool to create 3d content for the web. We're looking for someone who can help us solve technical/graphic challenges in our app! This person should be passionate about solving creative problems with visual tools, so this is an awesome opportunity if you have those qualities too.

What's the job?

You'll need to write JS code and build components that connect with ThreeJS. You can use React for this! When it comes down to solving graphic/visual or technical challenges, you will find yourself writing some JavaScript as well as building up a few more complicated pieces of your application - think about how we would go from inception through outputting something on-screen (canvas). You need to work closely with backend developers and help us build our culture.

Why working with us?

We are creating tools to rethink the design process: 3d first, real-time always and interactive. The tech world is changing so much but creativ.....