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About MetaStreet

MetaStreet is a protocol that provides liquidity for non-fungible tokens, abstracting risk away from individual assets. The idea behind Meta Street's system lies in utilizing financial constructs to expand emerging economies of the Metaverse and other New Virtual Spaces (NVS). MetaStreet is a young, ambitious, and technically skilled team with the goal of pioneering metaverse finance. Joining Meta Street means joining an innovative project that operates on cutting-edge DeFi principles by embracing web3 technologies to facilitate financial transactions in new ways for our users!

Your Responsibilities

As a remote Front End Engineer of MetaStreet you will be working with our designers and backend engineers to implement new features. You'll own the entire user experience, from clicking on a button until they are done browsing our site! Your voice in chat must stay professional at all times so please tone it down when not broadcasting through an a.....

About us

When you buy something online, the last thing on your mind is how to return it. 8returns solves this problem by automating returns for customers and freeing up time so that teams can focus more attention on what matters - making sales! Join us at the perfect time. We have huge ambitions and are on a mission to change lives with our product, which just went through its first round of funding from industry leaders! You want to be part of an experienced team that wants your input on how things should work. You don't need any technical knowledge, but you are motivated by constantly learning new skills and becoming better at what we do every day. If this sounds good for you then 8returns may just have the right spot!

What you’ll do as a remote Senior Rails Engineer:

You will be a key player in building products that are used by millions of people. You can take initiative and have creative freedom, but it's important to work responsibly under the guidanc.....


The telecommunications and technology company is looking for an experienced React Developer to help develop new user interface components using established patterns of react development! Your primary focus will be creating fresh designs with your creative flair, then implementing them into the workflow via our existing ORM layer that contains all data access logic needed by front-end developers across any environment (development/test). At this company, you will not only be a key player in the development of cutting-edge technology but also have an opportunity to work closely with other top-level employees. The ideal candidate should possess strong programming skills and want to progress their career by working for one of Britain's fastest-growing tech companies while developing relationships that can lead anywhere!


We're looking for someone who has experience in React, EcmaScript newer specifications like ES6 or Ty.....

About Us

Vinovest is looking for a remote Lead Frontend Engineer who can help us to take fine wine investing out of the hands and into everyone's grasp! We're a small team with big ambitions, so we need your assistance in making that happen. If you love programming as much as we do then this opportunity will be right up your alley - join our ranks today by sending over an application.

About You

You are the type of person who is always coming up with new ideas. You love cross-functional roles and finding ways to make things better, even if it takes some time or patience. When pressure mounts you rise to the occasion because your work deserves success! You're an inventor at heart; constantly looking for solutions in everything from engineering projects all way down to small design changes that will have huge impacts on how people live their lives every day

What you will do as a remote Lead Frontend Engineer:

  • You'll spend your time brainstorm.....

About Wild Audience

The Wild Audience team is building the next generation of customer analytics with a focus on ease and reliability. With their no-code API-based platform, businesses can track & analyze user journeys in an easy way without programming skills! Wild Audience is a startup building an innovative new SaaS analytics app called Wildmetrics. This no-code and API based software makes it easy for digital businesses to measure their customer journeys, which can then be used by these organizations in order to generate more revenue without needing hiring on an expensive full-time analyst team or having too many people collecting data from different sources alone Wildmetercs' key features include: -Tracking actions on pages via conversion tracking pixels preinstalled inside JAVA script files across all popular devices. We want to offer you the opportunity for a new and exciting experience. We structure our company in such a way that we value freedom, time wi.....

About us

We're excited to get you on board! The platform is the first-ever SaaS tax management solution for multinational companies, empowering collaboration between internal stakeholders and external partners alike to achieve higher levels of compliance efficiency corporate social responsibility. We are looking to add more people with different backgrounds across European time zones. (+- 2 CET) We're funded by well-known early-stage investors and ready to kick some$$!

About the remote job

You'll be joining what they're calling "the most forward-thinking company in our industry. As a remote Frontend Engineer and founding team member, you will get to help create the foundation for our engineering culture. You can articulate principles and layout long-term plans that shape how we do things here! The first engineer on board will be heavily involved with designing and implementing the front end, working closely alongside other team members to create an am.....
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