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About Wild Audience

The Wild Audience team is building the next generation of customer analytics with a focus on ease and reliability. With their no-code API-based platform, businesses can track & analyze user journeys in an easy way without programming skills! Wild Audience is a startup building an innovative new SaaS analytics app called Wildmetrics. This no-code and API based software makes it easy for digital businesses to measure their customer journeys, which can then be used by these organizations in order to generate more revenue without needing hiring on an expensive full-time analyst team or having too many people collecting data from different sources alone Wildmetercs' key features include: -Tracking actions on pages via conversion tracking pixels preinstalled inside JAVA script files across all popular devices. We want to offer you the opportunity for a new and exciting experience. We structure our company in such a way that we value freedom, time wi.....

About Us

The business is founded by two entrepreneurs determined to make the world better one idea at a time. Fat Joe's mission: "to deliver high-quality marketing services globally." FATJOE provides productized service packages, which means they're tailored for you and your agency partners around the globe so there are no overlapping costs or unproductive hours spent figuring out how things work together - just results! From its humble beginnings as an Australia-based company in 2012 (with revenues exceeding $10 million per year), Fat Joe has grown exponentially thanks largely due to large numbers of satisfied customers who can attest firsthand about what great value these guys offer when compared against competitors' prices across countries worldwide

Our Mission

Hey, we're here to create the go-to Digital Services Marketplace! Our mission is simple: provide a trusted marketplace for agencies and brands with innovative services. In just two years our platform h.....

About us

We've been there before. We know what it feels like to scale up quickly and get started with production but then hit a snag when things go wrong - usually because we underestimated how difficult the task would be for our small team. We're the same group that built scalable infrastructure at companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bebo Software Inc., Embark PTE LTD among others; so if this sounds interesting let’s chat!

About you

We're looking for a remote Engineer for Infrastructure Innovation. You want to make things happen, and you're not afraid of ambitious goals. You love the idea that with your skillset anything is possible!

The Role

Innovating is your job. You'll have the freedom to create, build and test new features that will transform how startups do business forever! It may seem like 90% of what you do are maintenance tasks but don't worry - innovation only happens in those precious few free cycles so take advantage by being .....

We are seeking for:

We're looking for a dedicated team player with an eye for creativity. You're always up for the challenge, even if it means working on your project at times! You need to be able to work well in teams or independently as needed - this is important because startups require both collaboration and independence from time to time during different stages of growth. You're a natural-born leader with an eye for innovation and creativity. You can translate complex concepts into something that will mean something, which is perfect because we need someone like you on this team! You’re used to taking charge of situations where nobody else can do it better than yourself – well now's your chance at being part of an innovative company that does incredible things every day without bounds or boundaries! What you will be doing: You make a vital contribution to our leadership team, sharing your feedback and advice with us on the implementation plans we devel.....

About us

Redflag AI is taking the potential of machine learning to new heights. Our products are focused on connecting campaigns, businesses, and individuals with audiences that matter most them - without all those other noise Red Flag AI helps you connect your audience faster by removing search engines' limitations so they can find what it's worth their time Red flag Artificial Intelligence (RFAI) specializes in developing artificial intelligence technologies for human consumption through machine learning algorithms that detect patterns from large volumes of data sets across many different domains including finance & economics but also health care amongst others When prejudice and misinformation spread on social media, it can have a huge impact. Redflag's software is capable of covering the full scope of video, audio, image-based conversations across the internet to reveal what people think about public reaction or site content - without having any human interventi.....