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Stable Kernel is a company that builds custom software for Fortune 500 companies. We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA and our teams work with big brands to build future-focused solutions from problems identified today StableKernel’s product architects strategize the unknown space between an already defined problem so clients can have stability on what they need next Stable Kernel is committed to building an inclusive, diverse company. We celebrate all forms of diversity and do not discriminate based on anyone's race or religion; be they single-gender role orientation (straight), married without kids; disability status -- if you have a service dog that helps with your walking needs then let us know! All are welcome at Stables Kernels as long as given equal treatment by our practice.

Software Engineer

Remote Full Stack Software Engineers have the opportunity to learn new technologies, make decisions that shape a product ro.....


Inventory Planner is the ultimate go-to for e-Commerce merchants looking to save time and money on their inventory! They can use it to predict what customers want, so you never miss out. Inventory planner makes sure that all of your products are in stock by recommending just how much should be available at any given moment as well as giving guidelines about when certain items will sell out or run low - enabling those clever enough (and lucky) enough) not only manage but also grow their businesses efficiently with little effort required from them whatsoever!. Our team is located in Europe, the US, and the Philippines. We support all of our customers from a variety of different countries with PHP backend code written using MongoDB for data storage as well VueJS frontend JavaScript construction kit that can be used on both webpages or inside dashboard applications - depending on what you need to be done! Our stack includes expensive servers running Linux operating sy.....

About the Role

We’re currently looking for a talented developer to join our team and be an integral part of ScatterSpoke's fast-growing technological stack. You'll work closely with the CEO, senior developers, as well as other key members in moving things forward! The new hire will focus on building out features from scratch or improving existing ones while also working towards developing analytics tools that can provide accurate measurements about how people interact at scale - think beyond just website statistics (which we do too!). If you're looking for an exciting opportunity in the ever-changing world of AI, then this could be just what your company needs. You'll get access to cutting-edge technology and help create new ways that will forever change how people interact with their computers!

About Us

ScatterSpoke is an agile project management tool that drives continuous improvements. Besides having various retrospective formats to solicit actionable feedb.....