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About us

We're excited about our innovative solutions that are environmentally friendly and support social transformation. Our team of experts is constantly working on new ways to help people grow their businesses, pass trust along the entire value chain and access these advancements for themselves as well! In addition to designing and operating leading digital payment solutions, our company is committed as well to making them environmentally friendly. They're widely accessible so that everyone can use them regardless if you have a bank account or not! And lastly, we support social transformation by funding projects focused on poverty alleviation all over the world because sustainable economic growth starts from within outwards motion We're a worldwide leader in secure payments, trusted transactions, and the digital revolution. We are at the forefront of change through our innovative solutions that support sustainable economic growth while also being environmentally fri.....
We’ve been a fully remote, fully distributed organization before it was even cool! Our remote-first culture is something we’re proud of. Slack is our office, Jira provides transparency and organizes work, and we collaborate in real-time via videos. We also probably play Among Us a bit too much. If you’re interested in the role, but maybe don’t meet all of the criteria, we’d still encourage you to apply. Growth is continuous and we’re committed to helping you grow at Laterpay. If you love solving engineering challenges, have an empathetic approach to leadership, and can grow high-performing teams to deliver technical solutions for both internal development or external integration projects then we want to talk! The Services Team is responsible for building our core platform which consists of APIs used by both internally & externally interacting parties. They build these services using Python/FastAPI/PostgreSQL Kafka etcetera The job .....