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About Brilliant

Imagine the thrilling feeling of launching a product and watching it take off. Our company has finally created something wonderful, but there's one problem: we need help! We are looking for a remote Software Engineer who is passionate about building great products. Someone who want nothing more than to see their creations get out into the public domain (or at least close enough). With our team made up of Avant-Garde designers; together let’s make impactful brands alive like never before.

Who you are

You love a good challenge and that has led you to the world of software engineering. You take pride in your work, helping others learn as well while looking for someone who can match those same desires from within our team at all times. Your experience shows an eye for detail with adding value through passion when talking about something new learned or skill picked up by yourself! In short: if this sounds like what YOU'RE AFTER then keep reading becaus.....

About us

Finding a website builder is easy these days. But finding one that can build an e-commerce store from scratch and maintain it? That part might be tough to do nowadays in this day of technological advancement! At eScale, we don’t just build websites. We are an agency that designs for growth and our clients know it because they come back again and again in search of a company that will take their business from good to great with cutting-edge technology solutions tailored around their needs as customers change rapidly every day on the internet Ecommerce web design is not one thing – it's many things: some companies create stores with static product pages while others think outside the box by giving audiences more interactivity through live streaming video chats or virtual reality tours eScale is looking for an eCommerce-focused developer to join our team. We help make your business grow by building custom experiences and performing ongoing CRO which has mad.....

About Opal

We want to make your digital life more balanced, so we developed Opal. The full-stack team developed this app for people who are always on the go - because you never know when boredom will set in! You can use it anytime and anywhere without having to worry about what's happening behind screens or whether they're distracting us from real-life adventures. We've raised $5m+ since launching just one month ago; investors love our strategy of helping users save time while developing healthy relationships with technology through a product design that doesn't require much input by developers themselves (we take care of all those JavaScript needs).

Recent projects

The Full-Stack JavaScript team is constantly working on exciting new projects. Some of these we've already talked about in a previous video, but here's an update for those who haven't seen it yet: Creating ElasticBeanstalk environments in AWS - Setting up user accounts is another piece that comes int.....


Stable Kernel is a company that builds custom software for Fortune 500 companies. We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA and our teams work with big brands to build future-focused solutions from problems identified today StableKernel’s product architects strategize the unknown space between an already defined problem so clients can have stability on what they need next Stable Kernel is committed to building an inclusive, diverse company. We celebrate all forms of diversity and do not discriminate based on anyone's race or religion; be they single-gender role orientation (straight), married without kids; disability status -- if you have a service dog that helps with your walking needs then let us know! All are welcome at Stables Kernels as long as given equal treatment by our practice.

Software Engineer

Remote Full Stack Software Engineers have the opportunity to learn new technologies, make decisions that shape a product ro.....


Inventory Planner is the ultimate go-to for e-Commerce merchants looking to save time and money on their inventory! They can use it to predict what customers want, so you never miss out. Inventory planner makes sure that all of your products are in stock by recommending just how much should be available at any given moment as well as giving guidelines about when certain items will sell out or run low - enabling those clever enough (and lucky) enough) not only manage but also grow their businesses efficiently with little effort required from them whatsoever!. Our team is located in Europe, the US, and the Philippines. We support all of our customers from a variety of different countries with PHP backend code written using MongoDB for data storage as well VueJS frontend JavaScript construction kit that can be used on both webpages or inside dashboard applications - depending on what you need to be done! Our stack includes expensive servers running Linux operating sy.....

About us

Your career in front-end software engineering is what's hot right now! You'll be exposed to cutting-edge technology and given complete autonomy over projects. Your task will involve designing innovative solutions for clients while collaborating with other members of the team on architectural decisions that affect their success all from a position working directly under our CIO. We're a passionate team of developers and designers who are dedicated to making the web better. We build blogs, activism tools, API clients - anything you can think about! Our code is powered by modern technologies like React/Redux or Rails + Sidekiq for high scalability needs; SASS allows us to keep styles fast while being more maintainable with CSS modularity. We have an energized group of people from various backgrounds working together on this project: if you want challenging work that's not just technical but also includes creativity in other fields then come join us at Daily Kos! .....