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About us

When you buy something online, the last thing on your mind is how to return it. 8returns solves this problem by automating returns for customers and freeing up time so that teams can focus more attention on what matters - making sales! Join us at the perfect time. We have huge ambitions and are on a mission to change lives with our product, which just went through its first round of funding from industry leaders! You want to be part of an experienced team that wants your input on how things should work. You don't need any technical knowledge, but you are motivated by constantly learning new skills and becoming better at what we do every day. If this sounds good for you then 8returns may just have the right spot!

What you’ll do as a remote Senior Rails Engineer:

You will be a key player in building products that are used by millions of people. You can take initiative and have creative freedom, but it's important to work responsibly under the guidanc.....

About us

We've all heard the saying "you get what you pay for." And when it comes to Shopify development, this statement couldn't ring more true. We offer high-quality freelance services and software that will help your business shine online! Our talented community of developers works hard every day connecting with new clients to deliver amazing results on projects big or small. From Alpha Industries (who has used us multiple times) down to even Jack Henry Veteran Affairs Department Plenaire company JUDY. Are you a remote Shopify Developer? Are all of life's problems too much for one person to handle and would love help from other experts who can lend a hand when needed. If so, then New Experts may be right up your alley! We're here with flexible hours  and remote work that allow our members more control over their own lives; no external ratings mean we won't ruin anyone’s reputation (if they had any) by asking them to take on new clients without warning - just li.....


The telecommunications and technology company is looking for an experienced React Developer to help develop new user interface components using established patterns of react development! Your primary focus will be creating fresh designs with your creative flair, then implementing them into the workflow via our existing ORM layer that contains all data access logic needed by front-end developers across any environment (development/test). At this company, you will not only be a key player in the development of cutting-edge technology but also have an opportunity to work closely with other top-level employees. The ideal candidate should possess strong programming skills and want to progress their career by working for one of Britain's fastest-growing tech companies while developing relationships that can lead anywhere!


We're looking for someone who has experience in React, EcmaScript newer specifications like ES6 or Ty.....

About us

Makeen Technologies is a global technology company that helps businesses improve their business intelligence and modernize IT systems. They also develop innovative consumer apps, IoT products for the home environment as well as enterprise-grade software to help organizations deliver results faster than ever before. You are a remote Senior Front-End Developer who wants to combine the art of design with programming. You will work on projects that require collaborating closely with engineers, mentoring, and defining technical designs for our products while working towards product goals.

What you need

You'll need to be versatile, experienced with templates and tasks automation including handlebars NPM & Gulp. You should also have advanced knowledge of responsive web design experience translating designs comps into flexible reusable code that will work across a broad range of browsers/devices. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Java.....

About eXp Realty

Want to be a part of something big? eXp Realty is more than just real estate! Join our team and we'll give you the opportunity not only to learn from some great minds in marketing, engineering, or accounting but also to see your name on buildings all around town. It's an incredible journey where everyone has their own personal challenges that they get excited about every day - don't miss out; apply today.

Who we are

Our North American headquarters are on the move! The 3-D, fully immersive cloud office environment provides 24/7 access for agents and brokers. All around this country we're seeing an increase in demand from both buyers and sellers alike which means that if you work hard then success will surely follow suit with a chance at being one of our top producers within your region - all thanks to what happens behind closed doors.

We are fully remote!

Are you a Lead JavaScript Developer? Do you like to work remotely and take things.....

About Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a digital currency exchange that has become one of the most popular platforms in recent years. The founder, Jean Louis van der Velde started his company with just two employees and now employs nearly 100 people across multiple disciplines to accommodate traders from around the world looking at Bitfiinex as their go-to place when it comes time to buy or sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH) Ripple XRP etc. The Bitfinex crypto platform was born out of necessity because many were not happy waiting on long transfer times which would take hours depending on if you had made an international purchase; this led him to launch BFX back then.

Our Mission

We are a team of individuals with an ownership mentality, who are self-motivated and entrepreneurial. Each member has the freedom to make decisions on their own time as they please; we believe in lifelong learning! The aim is for us all to share one goal: creating an economy .....
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