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About us

We've been there before. We know what it feels like to scale up quickly and get started with production but then hit a snag when things go wrong - usually because we underestimated how difficult the task would be for our small team. We're the same group that built scalable infrastructure at companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bebo Software Inc., Embark PTE LTD among others; so if this sounds interesting let’s chat!

About you

We're looking for a remote Engineer for Infrastructure Innovation. You want to make things happen, and you're not afraid of ambitious goals. You love the idea that with your skillset anything is possible!

The Role

Innovating is your job. You'll have the freedom to create, build and test new features that will transform how startups do business forever! It may seem like 90% of what you do are maintenance tasks but don't worry - innovation only happens in those precious few free cycles so take advantage by being .....

Why us

You’ll never feel like a replaceable cog in the machine at this company. We value your opinion and experience, so if you have something to add let's talk about it! Our strong culture of failure helps us stay up-to-date with new ideas while also helping us identify areas where things can be improved upon--you'll find that from day one there is always work being done by passionate people who care deeply for their craft (and each other). We're excited to meet in person twice a year at our onsite, as well as during conferences and events! We love learning from each other so we continue that through bi-yearly personal development talks. Plus, if you want feedback about what's going well or where things can be improved - just let us know with regards to how your performance is going every month :) As a member of our engineering team, you will be responsible for keeping the Kubernetes clusters running and healthy. You also have an important role in developing the prod.....