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About MetaStreet

MetaStreet is a protocol that provides liquidity for non-fungible tokens, abstracting risk away from individual assets. The idea behind Meta Street's system lies in utilizing financial constructs to expand emerging economies of the Metaverse and other New Virtual Spaces (NVS). MetaStreet is a young, ambitious, and technically skilled team with the goal of pioneering metaverse finance. Joining Meta Street means joining an innovative project that operates on cutting-edge DeFi principles by embracing web3 technologies to facilitate financial transactions in new ways for our users!

Your Responsibilities

As a remote Front End Engineer of MetaStreet you will be working with our designers and backend engineers to implement new features. You'll own the entire user experience, from clicking on a button until they are done browsing our site! Your voice in chat must stay professional at all times so please tone it down when not broadcasting through an a.....

About us

We've all heard the saying "you get what you pay for." And when it comes to Shopify development, this statement couldn't ring more true. We offer high-quality freelance services and software that will help your business shine online! Our talented community of developers works hard every day connecting with new clients to deliver amazing results on projects big or small. From Alpha Industries (who has used us multiple times) down to even Jack Henry Veteran Affairs Department Plenaire company JUDY. Are you a remote Shopify Developer? Are all of life's problems too much for one person to handle and would love help from other experts who can lend a hand when needed. If so, then New Experts may be right up your alley! We're here with flexible hours  and remote work that allow our members more control over their own lives; no external ratings mean we won't ruin anyone’s reputation (if they had any) by asking them to take on new clients without warning - just li.....

About us

Makeen Technologies is a global technology company that helps businesses improve their business intelligence and modernize IT systems. They also develop innovative consumer apps, IoT products for the home environment as well as enterprise-grade software to help organizations deliver results faster than ever before. You are a remote Senior Front-End Developer who wants to combine the art of design with programming. You will work on projects that require collaborating closely with engineers, mentoring, and defining technical designs for our products while working towards product goals.

What you need

You'll need to be versatile, experienced with templates and tasks automation including handlebars NPM & Gulp. You should also have advanced knowledge of responsive web design experience translating designs comps into flexible reusable code that will work across a broad range of browsers/devices. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Java.....

About You

Our development team is a busy, energetic bunch. We have our hands in every aspect of the process from infrastructure to product and everything between! If you're looking for more information on what we do then check out this blog article: https://tech.channable .com/ or take some time to explore our open source work at Github- it'll give you an inside view into how all three departments come together while working side by side. You as our new remote front-end developer are responsible for building an intuitive application that our customers use to automate their digital marketing. You'll collaborate with Channels and developers on the team as we work together, learning all about what goes into making a web app like this one possible! Are you looking for a part-time job or full-time? We have positions available. Do your visa qualifications allow it, but the Netherlands is home! Contact us now so we can talk about what's best suited to help make this move.....

About us

Biteline is a community for local dental professionals to find temporary positions and advance their careers. The platform makes hiring fast, safe, easy with its peer-to-peer connection network that connects you directly to your next job opportunity! As we grow, the opportunities for user engagement are only increasing. We have robust networking features so that members can find other like-minded peers to collaborate with in their area of interest or trade skills they may be knowledgeable about. Events provide an excellent opportunity for people who are not always online during business hours occasion because it gives them access when it would otherwise not be possible without being connected through these platforms! Finally, there’s a buy/sell marketplace where you can haggle prices down even more than usual just by comparing offers between buyers and sellers Dental offices across America are struggling to find enough staff. A single dental .....

About us

It's been an incredible year for Steadily. We've grown from 5 people to 30 over the last 12 months, and our technical challenges have gotten interesting! If you love building web apps or service-oriented architecture then this company is perfect because we need someone with experience in both fields who can help us build core parts of our stack like APIs & microservices. Steadily is an insurance company that provides affordable, fast coverage to property owners. We do this by using our cutting-edge technology and service so you can be confident in your rainy day! At Steadily Insurance Services we have a simple mission: To give landlords the peace of mind they need when it comes time for them to buy their auto or home insurance policy because at Steadily, being insured never feels too much work Why join us
  • We're growing fast and are well-funded (Series A, $30M)
  • There is a reason we're so successful. The founders a.....