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About the Role

We have a unique opportunity to join the team and be part of something innovative. You'll enjoy a rapid paced, creative environment with support from your fellow developers - this isn't just any programming job! As a remote Python Engineer, you will join an innovative team of developers to promote new technology and contribute your expertise in the field. As a Python developer, you'll work on building out software that allows us to connect with other blockchains using our Qredo blockchain client! We are looking for someone passionate about decentralized finance who wants to make waves within this quickly growing industry You should possess excellent coding skills as well as experience developing apps built entirely from scratch (we don't want anyone just writing wrappers). You must also enjoy adopting cutting-edge technologies; if so then we have something here worth talking over in more detail. You'll work on cutting-edge technology dealing in decent.....

About us

You’ll be joining the Rolla team, a collection of tenacious and fun individuals spread across various locations working towards building a decentralized financial future. As part of this group, you will have access to not only technical talent but also designers who want their products ready for the market to give people real control over how they spend money! You'll be able to work with some of the most innovative minds in cryptocurrencies and finance, as we're backed by top investors from around the world. At Rolla, you can learn about how this technology will change everything! With Defi options trading on Rolla, you can trade for free with no hidden fees in a permissionless web and mobile app. We are blurring the line between regular finance and Decentralized Finance starting by making it easy!


As a remote Defi Frontend Engineer You'll work with designers and backend engineers to implement new features. You need the right skill.....

The opportunity

As our new remote Software Engineer, we want you to build the future of home buying with us. Would this be an exciting role for someone in your network? Our company is looking for senior software engineers who can lead our team and power that much-anticipated global industry worth trillions! We're offering a competitive salary coupled with equity incentives, so what are we waiting on?!

About us?

Our team is excited to tackle the complexity of home lending. We care deeply about collaboration, very open communication so that no matter what happens we can learn from our decisions quickly and have fun while doing it! Loans are usually complicated and time-consuming, but LoanCrate has made them easy. We were tired of having to deal with old software that didn't work for us or our customers so we created a new mortgage lending platform built on modern technologies which solve all these problems in one swoop - making home buying simpler for everyone inv.....

Your opportunity

CoinTracker is a cryptocurrency portfolio assistant. It's used by over 500K people, tracking $20B worth in crypto assets collectively! CoinTrackers enables consumers and businesses to seamlessly track their investments - be they stocks or coins; it will even help you keep up with taxes if that matters for any reason (and we think it's something everyone should know). Beyond cryptocurrency, though-we're also building general automated financial assistants which can handle all aspects of managing someone’s money. Are you as excited about your job as we are? At CoinTracker, our goal is simple: to delight customers and help them get the most out of their cryptocurrency investments. Whether it's technical support or product development - if this sounds like something up your alley then apply now!

Working at CoinTracker

We are a tight-knit team with minimal process, which makes it easy for us to work and collaborate asynchronously. We stay aligned b.....