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Our Mission

Working together is the only way to succeed. And with CoScreen, teams will be able to do so even better than ever before thanks to a digital collaboration platform that makes remote work as good (or sometimes better) than if you were sitting across from one another in person! CoScreen is a new company that’s revolutionizing the design and development process with an innovative Electron-based desktop application implemented in Typescript (frontend) and C++, as well as Rust. You'll be joining our remote team of Developers, designers, product managers—even QA! Your job will involve designing features for upcoming products or solving hard problems when ours don't work out right away--at least until we figure it all out together.

Who we are

We are a team of builders who want to build the best products for our users. We work hard on these projects, and we're proud that they bring millions together in natural ways every day! It's important as profession.....

About us

Makeen Technologies is a global technology company that helps businesses improve their business intelligence and modernize IT systems. They also develop innovative consumer apps, IoT products for the home environment as well as enterprise-grade software to help organizations deliver results faster than ever before. You are a remote Senior Front-End Developer who wants to combine the art of design with programming. You will work on projects that require collaborating closely with engineers, mentoring, and defining technical designs for our products while working towards product goals.

What you need

You'll need to be versatile, experienced with templates and tasks automation including handlebars NPM & Gulp. You should also have advanced knowledge of responsive web design experience translating designs comps into flexible reusable code that will work across a broad range of browsers/devices. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Java.....

About eXp Realty

Want to be a part of something big? eXp Realty is more than just real estate! Join our team and we'll give you the opportunity not only to learn from some great minds in marketing, engineering, or accounting but also to see your name on buildings all around town. It's an incredible journey where everyone has their own personal challenges that they get excited about every day - don't miss out; apply today.

Who we are

Our North American headquarters are on the move! The 3-D, fully immersive cloud office environment provides 24/7 access for agents and brokers. All around this country we're seeing an increase in demand from both buyers and sellers alike which means that if you work hard then success will surely follow suit with a chance at being one of our top producers within your region - all thanks to what happens behind closed doors.

We are fully remote!

Are you a Lead JavaScript Developer? Do you like to work remotely and take things.....
About Doximity We are looking for a remote DevOps Engineer Platform to join our team. We have 80% of Doctors that use Doximity, one million healthcare professionals across America rely on us every day! If you want to continue your career in medicine while also making an impactful difference with cutting-edge technology then this opportunity is right up your alley. Doximity is a company dedicated to transforming the healthcare industry. They're on a mission of empowering doctors with the information they need, and as such offer software engineering opportunities that will help bring about this change from within cross-functional delivery teams alongside other engineers or designers depending upon your expertise. Doximity is full of exceptional people that don't fit a mold! Join us and transform how nurses collaborate. We bring diversity in technical backgrounds as well as cultural perspectives to our projects - we like thinking pragmatically when choosing tools.....

About Flightradar24

Flightradar24 has been called "the most important app you never noticed" by The New York Times. With over 2 million daily users, we provide a free way to track flights in real-time and have topped charts on both Apple iOS devices as well Android platforms since 2011! We offer various commercial services including pilots' tools for aircraft maintenance inspections at 30 airports around the world through our website or apps available via iTunes Store & Google Play store places worldwide The latest buzz on social media is giving people an idea of where their friends are. Whether it’s just wanting to see what type of planes they're flying from the information that was shared, or if you want a more comprehensive look at flights for any given day- Flight Tracking Services will show exactly how many hours ago someone went into airspace over Canada and ensure their location remains active until tomorrow morning! Ever since the inception of our company,.....

About us

Carted is a company on a mission to make commerce seamless. They empower developers with their single API and connect them to millions of merchants, all through an online marketplace that spans the globe! Cartes' founders are based out of San Francisco. If you're someone who's passionate about software engineering or e-commerce then this could be just what you're looking for. We've been solving problems since the day we opened Carted. From captchas to scaling up to handle insane RPS, there's always something new for us in this industry of ours! If you have a good Github or LinkedIn account, we will follow up with an online coding test and let you know the result immediately.


You need to be able to Write awesome scalable Go code.


Do you want to be a rock star developer? We need awesome scalable Go code and Build the world's most powerful commerce API!.....
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