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With millions of work interactions all loaded into one massive graph database, the Data Engineer is in charge to help us wrangle this interesting dataset. The ideal candidate should have a passion for data engineering and an ability to innovate- there will be no instructions booklet! It's up to you along with other members of your team develop cutting-edge applications from scratch following software engineering best practices. No matter what you do in your career, it's important to enjoy the work. We're not just talking about playing games during office hours or taking long walks around lunchtime--although that is helpful too! It means looking forward to coming into work every day because this person wants their life outside of professional duties to fulfill themselves with hard-worked hours spent on improving something they love doing - which also happens to be one's job.


You will be responsible for
  • automating an.....


Join our team of data engineers and hackers to build the next-generation blockchain explorer, which will be one of crypto's most popular websites. As a member, you'll have input into how we produce all this content for BlockExplorer as well as being part of engineering success on some cool products coming up! We are a company that wants to create the world's leading software platform for digital assets. With our production blockchain, we'll share your passion for coding and creating with you to achieve an open future where everyone has access to a fair financial system one piece at a time! What does it take to be a successful software engineer? Well, in our department for example we have some things that you should do. Our engineering teams are involved with all aspects of the product lifecycle from idea generation and design through execution shipping. So no matter what stage your team is at as an individual contributor or leader within this proces.....

About Us

Why stay in the dark ages when you can shine like a lighthouse? A company that takes on Enterprise customers every day is working to help them launch innovative digital products, which will interact with hundreds of millions. The problems they solve are real and require creativity, grit, determination - what more could anyone want from their job?! We are a company that challenges norms and fosters experimentation. Our passion for empowering our customers in the multifaceted industries they work in is what drives us each day, no matter how complicated or simple a problem may seem at first glance! If you're someone who has been exposed to Logistics, FinTech (or other complex fields), then this job might be perfect for you - we need people with experience tackling such issues so don't hesitate to get back if interested :) Imagine working in a fun and inclusive environment with people from all over the world. We're looking for an experienced Data Scientist to jo.....