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About Sendify

We are looking for a Remote Senior Backend Engineer to help us build and maintain Sendify's core. This role will work on our platform, which helps small businesses focus on what makes them special without worrying about logistics - something that can be very complicated in the modern world! We use smart technology & clean UI with a dedicated team so you don't have too much responsibility or hassles when managing shipping processes like this one. Sweden is our home base, but if you're available for work in Germany or anywhere else across Europe then we would love to hear from you.

The position: remote Backend Engineer

You'll be the voice for our developers, telling people what you need from them and how to do it. You can also make sure that all of their needs are met by staying up-to-date with other departments in order to spread knowledge about design patterns or best practices You should help solve architectural problems th.....

About Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a digital currency exchange that has become one of the most popular platforms in recent years. The founder, Jean Louis van der Velde started his company with just two employees and now employs nearly 100 people across multiple disciplines to accommodate traders from around the world looking at Bitfiinex as their go-to place when it comes time to buy or sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH) Ripple XRP etc. The Bitfinex crypto platform was born out of necessity because many were not happy waiting on long transfer times which would take hours depending on if you had made an international purchase; this led him to launch BFX back then.

Our Mission

We are a team of individuals with an ownership mentality, who are self-motivated and entrepreneurial. Each member has the freedom to make decisions on their own time as they please; we believe in lifelong learning! The aim is for us all to share one goal: creating an economy .....

About us

When it comes to Higher Education, there's no shortage of problems. The cost for education is skyrocketing while only 33% graduate within four years and issues with equity are worsening at alarming rates; Coursedog has come up with a new solution that could be the answer our universities have been waiting on since they started relying heavily upon outdated software! Coursedog is the modern operating system for Higher Education. From supercharging student experience and empowering administrators with analytics to build software that enables the $800 billion markets to reach its highest ideals, we're working towards facilitating upward mobility, equity & positive change in this industry! Coursedog, a hypergrowth startup backed by YC is now raising $23m in venture capital as it continues its rapid expansion into the market. The company has tripled employee headcount over 1.5 years with plans to bring on many more people soon! Courses at our office are tailored.....

About us

It's been an incredible year for Steadily. We've grown from 5 people to 30 over the last 12 months, and our technical challenges have gotten interesting! If you love building web apps or service-oriented architecture then this company is perfect because we need someone with experience in both fields who can help us build core parts of our stack like APIs & microservices. Steadily is an insurance company that provides affordable, fast coverage to property owners. We do this by using our cutting-edge technology and service so you can be confident in your rainy day! At Steadily Insurance Services we have a simple mission: To give landlords the peace of mind they need when it comes time for them to buy their auto or home insurance policy because at Steadily, being insured never feels too much work Why join us
  • We're growing fast and are well-funded (Series A, $30M)
  • There is a reason we're so successful. The founders a.....

About us

Corpay One is not your average four-year-old company. They’ve grown fast and are backed by Fleetcor, a major US payment company, which attest to Corpaya's ability to stay true to their founding values since day one. Passionate people will love the organization for its maturity while those who like execution get excited with all of these new ideas! There's also an inclusive culture here so it won't matter if you're entrepreneurial or not--everyone gets along famously at this office space. We're on a mission to make your life easier, and we want you to focus more time on doing what matters. That's why our team of finance experts is here for business owners like yourself! We save them precious minutes every day with automated tasks such as bill pay or expense management--so they can do everything else when it counts most: growing their empire The United States has been getting larger over the years (especially in population), but how big is too big? The answer m.....

About Rollbar

With more than 100,000 developers worldwide using our product to innovate faster and decrease time-to-market while maintaining best-in-class customer experience - it's easy for us at Rollbar not only to maintain but also improve on this success every day. We are a team of 70+ engineers based out of San Francisco with employees spread across Europe including Spain where they help hundreds upon thousands of local companies create beautiful user experiences through websites or apps that run quickly without flaws when experiencing traffic spikes thanks largely due to their innovative backend service. Rollbar is a rockstar of an engineering tool that powers some of the best teams in this industry, including Twilio to help their customers reach peak performance. We believe that a culture of agility is what will help our team succeed. We're always looking for ways to be more agile, and with this in mind, we've recently changed some workflows so they can better.....