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Remote Web3 Blockchain Developer (Senior) hired by Worldcoin

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$40k - $120k

About the Company

Worldcoin wants to create a new cryptocurrency and distribute it through an innovative approach. They are doing this by having each person on earth have their dedicated hardware device, which ensures both humannesses as well as the uniqueness of everybody signing up while maintaining privacy throughout all transactions made within the blockchain itself (which makes for transparency).

Worldcoin is a new global digital currency that will launch by giving every single person on Earth an ownership stake in World coins. We believe this transition to be key for humanity as we move into the future, and it's free too! Not controlled by anyone means you can now access your wealth from anywhere at any time with nothing else than what already lives inside of yourself: You!! The first insiders started doing so 10 years ago when cryptocurrencies were invented - but they failed because no one wanted them until recently.

About the Team

The blockchain team is on a mission to create the world’s first decentralized, privacy-preserving cryptocurrency. We leverage Ethereum smart contracts and zkp's (Zackary quantum Proof of Stakes) for scaling beyond one billion users while also providing an excellent user experience!

About the Opportunity

We need you! We are looking for a remote web3 blockchain developer to help us build Worldcoin's network. The job of this role would be developing our new Layer 2 protocol that will support billions of more people and efficiently verify newcomers without any central point of failure like the old days when Government-issued currency was backed by gold or silver coins which made them much stronger than paper money on its own because it had some sort of physical representation worth something valuable inside (especially if times got tough).

This is not your average tech position where someone comes into work every day doing coding all hours until 6 pm; instead, we want everyone here making sure everything runs smoothly while working closely with product managers

  • You need to work on your protocol’s open-source node and smart contract implementation as well as the components verifying that each user signing up is unique.
  • You help create a more open and democratic world by shifting the development of all major components towards free, publicly available software and formats. You develop blockchain technology to support billions of users and deploy a system in production.
  • You'll be involved in the development of client SDKs and help users make their lives better. You also get an opportunity for extra income from our proof-of-humanity infrastructure!

About You

  • You are the ultimate blockchain expert! You've developed and deployed blockchains in production, which means you're good at what you do. Plus your understanding of scalability issues has proved invaluable to us already with this project - thank goodness someone like yourself can help out so much before launch day.
  • You are a polyglot programmer with experience in several programming languages. Your portfolio is filled to the brim with projects created using Go, Rust, and/or Typescript as well as some cryptography skills that will come in handy for this position!