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Remote Software Engineer (Senior) hired by LoanCrate Inc.

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$50k - $300k

The opportunity

As our new remote Software Engineer, we want you to build the future of home buying with us. Would this be an exciting role for someone in your network? Our company is looking for senior software engineers who can lead our team and power that much-anticipated global industry worth trillions! We're offering a competitive salary coupled with equity incentives, so what are we waiting on?!

About us?

Our team is excited to tackle the complexity of home lending. We care deeply about collaboration, very open communication so that no matter what happens we can learn from our decisions quickly and have fun while doing it!

Loans are usually complicated and time-consuming, but LoanCrate has made them easy. We were tired of having to deal with old software that didn't work for us or our customers so we created a new mortgage lending platform built on modern technologies which solve all these problems in one swoop - making home buying simpler for everyone involved!

Our remote team has closed a $4m seed round, grown to 9 people, and launched our first product. And since adopting LoanCrate in June we've seen an increase of more than double (or even) the number of employees staffing it! We're on track for strong profitability by mid-2022 with all these successes behind us.

Our Tech stack

Our team members are always in high demand because of their talent and professionalism. We're so confident that you'll love working for us, too!

We believe that engineering velocity is the key to success—and we've invested heavily into making it easy on developers who want to ship code fast (which then increases our productivity as a company 😄). Some examples of what makes this possible:

We write our code in TypeScript, using React on the frontend and Node/Express backends (running inside Docker containers). For database connectivity we use Postgres - but that's not it! We also have GraphQL running across both sides as well; together with Apollo for its query language features. Adding some AWS magic like ECS & RDS databases will soon make your life easier too!!

  • We use Terraform to manage 100% of our infrastructure since day 1 and have configured the CI pipeline on every pull request. We do this so that we can test any changes made in production using temporary staging environments for each PR, which are provisioned by terraforming them before they go live with your team members' code!
  • We're the gold standard for production-like data and automated end-to-end, integration testing. Our library of utilities brings that same test environment with it!
  • We use seamless sharing of TypeScript files between the client, server, and other packages in our mono-repo to never have two different definitions for functions or configure values.
  • We use TypeScript for the types of our Postgres and GraphQL schemas so that any data changes we make will generate errors in incompatible frontend React components.

What to expect

As an remoe Software Engineer at LoanCrate, you'll be hitting the ground running with your first assignment! You've just been introduced to a few of our clients and their products.

  • We're looking for an architect with AWS credentials to help us build out our next generation of job processing infrastructure! This is not your average engineering position, but if that's what you've got then we want ya.
  • We need someone who can design and launch large-scale applications on cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • You'll be doing everything from building back end systems in different languages such as Scala or Python using their respective frameworks
  • You will be an architect of our new digitized platform that saves customers millions by automating their operations.
  • You'll integrate with third-party providers to generate documents and disclosures, produce automated underwriting results or prevent fraud in lending services!

Preferred skills

  • The world needs SREs who are excited to mentor less-senior engineers in both hard and soft skills. You should have an @SRE mindset for developing infrastructure that's reliable, observable (and thus testable), minimal effort maintained - all while being able to take on new challenges with your colleagues!
  • You will need to develop a library of patterns that businesses can use.
  • Working for a company that stores people's most sensitive data, you need to have an eye on security risks. For example by thinking about ways of improving our product and adding your ideas!
  • You'll need to have Experience scaling high-throughput distributed systems in the cloud. Bonus points if you are experienced with infrastructure-as-code solutions like Terraform or Cloud Formation!"
  • You need to have the ability to develop full-stack web app features from design through deployment. This includes experience designing and scaling complex relational DB schemas, as well as figuring out performant ways for data storage. Home loans have thousands of fields that need storing!