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Remote Software Engineer Integrations (Junior Level) hired by TaxJar

Seniority Level
Junior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$50k - $90k

TaxJar is a human-first company.

People are accepted and free to be who they are.

At TaxJar, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. Diversity keeps us thinking creatively about how best to provide the financial services our customers need - an essential part of their lives that brings out the creativity in all types of people! We also care deeply for our team members- after all, they makeup one half (or more) the company itself! So when you come here looking for work or simply want someone on your side watching over things while doing what they love most: building products others enjoy using every day.

We empower our team to do the right thing for each other and our customers, but we also hold ourselves accountable. We invest in people because they must know their workplace is a safe space where everyone has opportunities to show off what they're best at - from playing music with words or creating engaging videos about anything you want as long as it's done well!

The sense of responsibility is something that can only help us succeed. Let's keep going until no one will ever doubt this company again!

We stand by our core values in everything we do:

  • We shape our destiny
  • We know that we're better together
  • We build relationships that matter
  • We are always learning and growing

TaxJar is looking for a Software Engineer, Integrations position with a remote-only team of 240+ people. We have an opening that will excite you! The job description has so many lousy ones because it's hard to find good engineers out there these days - but not Taxjar’s problem since we're writing down what they want in hopes someone can do this cool work (you?)

  • You know that communication is the biggest responsibility of your job, and you're less likely to get it right unless you focus on it.
  • You focus on building and shipping software that matters to your users, the company they work for, as well as our customers. We’re in this together!
  • Taking on a task, no matter how big or small it may be will help bring out the best in you.

Remote Software Engineer Integrations Requirements

  • You should be a software engineer with at least two years of experience.
  • You’re burning with enthusiasm as you imagine yourself building extensions, plugins, and apps on the new platforms of tomorrow!
  • Your experience building integrations for payments, eCommerce, and ERP solutions will help your company grow.
  • We're looking for a creative, passionate engineer who can balance simplicity with flexibility and safety. You should have experience building software that strikes this perfect equilibrium of those three qualities - system complexity isn't going to be your thing! We work mostly in Elixir or Ruby but other languages might come up too ( PHP, Javascript & Java). But don’t worry if you lack expertise: we care much more about general engineering skills than knowledge-specific frameworks/languages.

You’ll love TaxJar….

  • Only want to work remotely
  • You're a natural at communicating and collaborating with others.
  • You value working with people who share your beliefs and values.
  • You want a collaborative work environment where you can grow, learn from other employees’ perspectives as well as develop new skills to succeed