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Remote Software Engineer (Senior) hired by Duet

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$90k - $180k

About Us

You will be responsible for building and maintaining our product. The position as a Software Engineer is fully remote. This means that you'll work closely with the development team to build an awesome desktop engineering experience! As part of this group effort, we like it if people have some iOS/web backend knowledge because those technologies are used heavily in building out apps these days.

Duet is a company that values the autonomy and creativity of its employees. You can expect to have plenty of say in how your work gets done, from designing products up through releasing them for public consumption!

In addition, we offer competitive benefits plans as well as continuing education opportunities so you never run out of refreshed knowledge again. So if product experience with large roles sounds good to you then don't hesitate to apply.

Three Roles Available

Windows Engineering (C++/C#) 

  • This position is an opportunity to join our team of passionate developers.
  • We are looking for low-level experience and the ability to write efficient, performant code on any platform you have proficiency in (Windows or otherwise).
  • If your skills include iOS/Android then that's also a plus!

macOS (Objective-C/C++/Swift) 

  • Mac users, you're in luck!
  • We are looking for an experienced software engineer with experience developing on macOS.
  • The ideal candidate should have knowledge of networking/video services and the ability to adapt quickly when faced with new challenges
  • As well as iOS or Android development skills (both preferred).
  • Apply today if interested so we can chat about what's possible at Idera Networks

Server & Backend Experience (Swift, NodeJS, RoR)

  • You'll be a part of the Duet team
  • helping us maintain our backend infrastructure for remote services.
  • We're looking for people with experience writing high-performance code and who love learning new technologies to work on challenging challenges!
  • We are a company that values innovation -- if this sounds like something up your alley then please apply below or send over an updated resume today so we can get started interviewing soon!


  • You’ll need to be excited about new challenges every day.
  • You should also have experience with low-level engineering
  • Real-time performance optimization abilities so you can understand customer needs while building products that fit what they want!

If this sounds good, send your resume for consideration