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Remote Software Engineer (Mid Level) hired by DNSimple

Seniority Level
Mid Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$70k - $100k

About us

At DNSimple, we're always looking for bright minds with a passion for innovation. If you share this mindset then get excited because our team has an opportunity that's perfect for someone like yourself!

As Software Engineer on the Registrar Systems Team-in charge of developing and operating backend products used by customers around the world - your job will be helping us maintain high levels of feature/functional coverage while also working closely alongside other engineers who are passionate about tackling tough problems head-on no matter how large or small they may seem at first glance

We offer you a compensation of $70k - $100k per Year depending on your experience.

Responsibilities remote Software Engineer

  • You're in charge of adding support for new TLDs and maintaining the existing offerings.
  • You are a natural leader who inspires others to take on challenging goals. Your glowing personality and ability to make well-reasoned decisions energize those around you, increasing productivity in the office as well as bringing joy into people's lives outside of work too!
  • You are a support agent for domains, and you help customers with their registration problems.
  • You document the systems you help build in a way that is engaging, informative, and entertaining.
  • Working closely with our team is a must.
  • When you work with our team, we're confident that the customer will be happy. Imagine how it feels to know for certain your purchases are going to make someones' day or help solve a problem? You can give people this assurance because no matter what they buy from us - even small things like coffee capsules in bulk containers- everything has been hand-inspected by someone who cares deeply about quality!
  • As a member of our on-call rotation team, you'll be able to participate and contribute by triaging issues that may arise. You can also find ways for us all to work together more effectively!
  • You are a champion of DNSimple and our vision. You represent us in public communication around specific projects, as well as community contributions that strengthen this company's values like hard work or integrity!
  • You'll develop and operate our registrar system's backend that integrates with domain register APIs. You'll be able to use your skills for developing awesome software, systems optimization as well as working on complex requests in an agile environment!
  • You are a crafty coder! You take our internal standards for style, maintainability, and best practices of a high-scale web environment. Maintain these to make sure they're applied through code review by adhering them yourself or advocating it with others who can apply what you've learned
  • With our approach to development, you can be confident that your product is always up-to-date and in line with industry best practices.

Minimum qualifications

  • You are a linguistic genius! You have the perfect combination of written and oral fluency in English to make your work-life abroad an absolute breeze.
  • You have 2+ years of experience as a remote Software Engineer. You're an expert when it comes to software development, and can help us out here!
  • With your experience in Ruby and Rails, there's nothing you can't create
  • You have experience integrating with APIs!
  • You are an expert in code and testing. You have extensive experience with version control systems like Git, plus knowledge of how to test apps so they're reliable before release!
  • You are a perfect fit for the Software Development Engineer role if you have experience in command-line interface and scripting, as well as working with agile processes.


  • You have a deep understanding of the domain and DNS industry. You've also done other programming languages before, which is helpful for this project!
  • You have a knack for getting things done and I know that your experience with domain registration, public records of open source contributions will be an asset to our company.

Why you should join

Thanks for checking out DNSimple! We're more than just a company with remote employees. Our founders were the first in their field to offer 100% remote working, and it's how we stay ahead of our competition by offering flexibility that makes sense for you as an individual - not on some outdated 9-5 schedule like so many others do these days.

We speak different languages, and we program with a diverse range of technologies. We care for our employees regardless if they are an individual from the LGBTQ community or not - everyone is welcome here at Spry Fox!

As a member of the team, your feedback and input are not only welcome but anticipated. We're small enough that everyone's opinion matters!

Typical hiring process

The hiring process for this position is as follows. Please keep in mind that candidates can be removed from consideration at any stage of the recruitment procedure, so don't get discouraged if you aren't called back after an interview!

  • We are always looking for the best and brightest. If you pass our coding test, we'll invite you in to discuss your skills with one of us from Engineering!
  • Our CEO is the final judge and jury of who makes it into our company. He'll interview all these lucky people so we can find out whether they're good enough for us!