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Remote Software Engineer (Senior) hired by Brilliant

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$120k - $200k
North America

About Brilliant

Imagine the thrilling feeling of launching a product and watching it take off. Our company has finally created something wonderful, but there's one problem: we need help! We are looking for a remote Software Engineer who is passionate about building great products. Someone who want nothing more than to see their creations get out into the public domain (or at least close enough). With our team made up of Avant-Garde designers; together let’s make impactful brands alive like never before.

Who you are

You love a good challenge and that has led you to the world of software engineering. You take pride in your work, helping others learn as well while looking for someone who can match those same desires from within our team at all times. Your experience shows an eye for detail with adding value through passion when talking about something new learned or skill picked up by yourself! In short: if this sounds like what YOU'RE AFTER then keep reading because we have more information on how exactly would fit into things here.

You'll be joining one group made up of mostly seasoned engineers already working hard towards building web-based apps which enable best-in-class customer experiences among other tasks - but they need help getting done right now.

Some of the things you will do include:

  • You will create and deliver new technology that solves data-intensive problems.
  • You know how to drive consensus with your technical leadership, so you'll be able to contribute impressively right away!
  • You will be doing software development in Rails and React.
  • You'll work on projects that require the collaboration of product, design leads to deliver features efficiently using technical leadership skillsets like planning out a strategy for timelines/dates; managing QA processes by fixing bugs before they become an issue; collaborating with others (both clients & teammates) through regular meetings where everyone gives input into how things should go down together - this helps solve data-intensive problems!

About you:

  • You should have a passion for building things customers use and be involved in improving how we work. Understanding web technologies such as HTTP, SSL, CSS is also beneficial because that's what makes your website run smoothly!
  • You need to be an expert in consumer-facing web applications and services! You should have 4+ years of experience developing them, plus programming fluency with Ruby or JavaScript.
  • Additionally, you'll want some general-purpose language knowledge as well such as Python or Java - not necessary for this position but useful if there's ever any chance we could collaborate down the road 😉
  • In addition our full-stack Rails programmers must also possess strong framework skills like how it operates through HTML5 & CSS3 technologies so don't forget about those when applying