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Remote Software Architect (Senior) hired by Chain of Demand

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$40k - $120k

We are seeking for:

We're looking for a dedicated team player with an eye for creativity. You're always up for the challenge, even if it means working on your project at times!

You need to be able to work well in teams or independently as needed - this is important because startups require both collaboration and independence from time to time during different stages of growth.

You're a natural-born leader with an eye for innovation and creativity. You can translate complex concepts into something that will mean something, which is perfect because we need someone like you on this team!

You’re used to taking charge of situations where nobody else can do it better than yourself – well now's your chance at being part of an innovative company that does incredible things every day without bounds or boundaries!

What you will be doing:

You make a vital contribution to our leadership team, sharing your feedback and advice with us on the implementation plans we develop. You also help guide developers as they tackle technical challenges for new initiatives at work!

You're a rock star of customer service, always juggling the many different tasks that come your way. You manage software and hardware with budget planning as well as prioritize product releases by balancing multiple client requirements while making sure it'll be an amazing experience for everyone involved!

You are the leader of our product design team and it is your job to make sure that each new idea translates into reality. You work closely with other teams, including those who specialize in technology or abroad - whichever best applies at any given time!

With a strong skillset in Docker, Kubernetes, and SQL databases as well as NoSQL APIs and machine learning pipelines you can design solutions to process data quickly.

You have a strong background in scaling cloud solutions for SaaS companies. You are passionate about startups and the startup ecosystem, which means you know how important it is to make sure your voice keeps evolving with them!