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Remote Site Reliability Engineer (Senior) hired by Checkly

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $100k

About us

We're are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer with experience in monitoring. This company does what they love and it's an amazing opportunity to join them as their first one! The candidate will be able to help shape the product roadmap, influence how things work now at your place of employment, AND do something cool - contribute towards making our best-in-class platform even better by implementing solutions from scratch every day

We are a Remote-first company. We believe remote work is an approach to working, not just spending time at home and spend much of our energy on fostering trust within the digital space we create for employees so they feel safe enough in their positions as well!

Make our reliability product more reliable

We're are the go-to for any company looking to utilize reliable software that will alert you when your system goes down. We use AWS Lambda/SQS, Heroku Postgres Redis, and soon ClickHouse from 20+ locations around the world!

Build & shape our SRE practices

You will help to define how reliability is achieved by working with your coworkers in the product engineering teams. Together, you and they are responsible for:

  • Working collaboratively towards a goal using different strategies/approaches - Identifying potential issues before they become big problems
  • This is where you'll be able to define what's slowing down our system and how we can improve. You will also have access to the data needed for optimization, so that when it comes time for improvement or fixing one thing at a time - like optimizing queries or reducing error rates- there won't ever again need to be any guessing!
  • You have been selected for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! You will be the driving force behind our company's success by Streamlining processes and optimizing runbooks while also working closely with product folks. Plus, you'll make sure that everything we do meets or exceeds expectations in terms of reliability--whatever it takes (personally) to get there...

Your skills

  • You will have a deep, hands-on experience with AWS and SQL databases. You know how to use Node JS for scalable web applications as well! I'm excited about working in this wonderful company where founders are experienced professionals who give me room to grow creatively too.
  • You know how not only speak but also understand English with native fluency. In addition, you are always up for a challenge and enjoy the process of learning new things!
  • You have deep experience in operating and troubleshooting mission-critical SaaS environments as an SRE with skills that are at the forefront of modern DevOps. You know how important it is for your environment to be up all the time, yet still run smoothly when things do go wrong!
  • As well as being experienced working on AWS platforms like ElastiCache & Redshift; SQL databases including MySQL & PostgreSQL OLAP DBs--you’ve got Node JS expertise too -I bet there's not much out there these days where you don't
  • You love to make software all day long!

Bonus points

You're a software development guru and you love all things browser automation. You've built several SaaS tools for developers, whom we know can't get enough of that sweet mix between Node and Webpack!

What we offer

  • Work with the latest technologies.
  • Contribute to open source.
  • Modern laptop and equipment provided.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Work remote.