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Remote Senior Software Engineer (Senior Level) hired by 8returns

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $100k

About us

Return shipping is one of the most frustrating aspects of e-commerce. Brands are always eager to get their products back once you receive them, but they have no choice in this decision as it's up solely with customer satisfaction or refund rights under the law! 8returns solves all these problems by providing an elegant returns experience for customers who want hassle-free returns at any time - without sacrificing sustainability and goodwill on either side.

We are so excited to share the news about our first round of funding with you! Thank you for believing in what we're doing and helping make it happen. The support from industry leaders like Philipp Kreibohm (founder home24), Björn Sykora (founder Mister Spex) & Paul Schwarzenholz has been incredible, as well as Johannes Schaback who is the CTO at SumUp entertainment company; Tamaz Georgadze +Frank Freund founders raisin wine brand; and Verena Pausder author entrepreneur whose work focuses on female entrepreneurship globally.

We have a small team of generalists who are constantly picking up new challenges. When it comes down to coding, we're looking for people with experience in solving problems and working on this project's code base if you want an opportunity where your creativity will be maximized while learning from others around us too!

 As a remote Senior Software Engineer you’ll do:

  • You'll be the ringleader in projects. You need to take ownership, initiative, and stay creative!
  • Our stack is an exciting mix of Ruby on Rails and React.
  • You'll be a part of a small, but mighty team that is shaping the future.

 Who You Are:

  • You are passionate about writing code that saves businesses time and money. You have a natural feel for the software development industry, which is why Ruby on Rails or React makes perfect sense as your go-to programming language of choice!
  • you know to create and maintain web services that are designed for maximum performance
  • You understand how best practices work in RESTful programming, including caching strategies as well as retrying requests when necessary.
  • You’ve been in the software industry for a while, and know how to work on small teams.
  • You thrive in the fast-paced, dynamic, and often ambiguous work environment. Your ability to think creatively and critically will make you an asset for any company looking for their next great idea!
  • You have the power to choose what aspects of products need perfecting and when you want your work done. You can also be more productive by working remotely, mostly on setting your schedule as well as the time needed for each task at hand!