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Remote Ruby Engineer (Senior) hired by Silverfin

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$70k - $120k

About us

The Silverfin team is always working on new features and improvements to make your experience with us even better. Every day, more than 15 000 financial service professionals use our platform to help advise over 200000 businesses just like you! We're grateful for all of the love from customers who enjoy being able to access expert advice from people that care about helping them grow their company - it only motivates us more so keep going into 2019 letting this momentum continue!

We know you’ve seen a lot of job ads before, but we think ours stands out. We want to work with a remote Ruby Engineer who will enjoy their time at our company as much as possible and have some fun! If you feel like this one sounds right for your skillset, don't hesitate--apply or shoot us an email if there's anything about it that leaves questions in your head.

The Silverfin team is passionate about applying the promise of automation in accounting. When they say "we," what comes to mind might be something like an armada or fleet from Star Trek? No, not really- it's a group effort! The core members are trying their best at providing better services for business owners through software that helps with some tedious tasks commonly handled manually by accountants today such as data entry and review process management. This allows them more time on impacting advisory work which can ultimately lead businesses into success even when things seem bleakest - this makes everyone happy right?

What makes the engineering team at Silverfin special?

We’re a remote-first engineering team, and we don't believe in meetings. That's because the only way to achieve work-life balance for us is by avoiding them as much as possible - or accepting deadlines when they're necessary instead of waiting around hoping something comes up (of course this doesn't mean you should never create an agenda!). We also try not to be too demanding on people; after all, there isn’t any point if everyone has signed up 2x longer hours than what was requested!

Working with our team is a flexible opportunity to take some time for you. You don't need an excuse, but if there are ever issues in your life that require attention then it's no problem! Our staff are diverse enough and well organized so when someone leaves or gets out of hours they can take care of things without worrying about staffing shortages too much

We know that remote work is more than just asynchronous communication. It's also about what you do when there isn't an instant reply, how decisions get made and expressed in writing so they can be revisited later on if needed or looked back on with nostalgia as something worth remembering. We use tools like GitLab issues for these important discussions instead of @mentions on Slack which means we avoid other triggers altogether; this saves time because interrupting someone during their workflow takes them out-of-the zone by sending focus elsewhere rather than letting people take breaks however long they need,

We’re always happy to welcome you to our #dev channel and we make sure that it's not just virtual: twice a year, all of the engineering team flies together somewhere different. At least once every 12 months though (the minimum company-wide rotational period), they join up with everyone else so there's time for bonding between departments!

What are we looking for?

  • You’ve got experience in both Ruby and Rails, which makes you an expert on the boundaries between them. You can code without any of their training wheels if necessary!
  • You're the type of developer that can give detailed, productive feedback during code reviews. While you appreciate small things like bikeshedding and know-how avoid its pitfalls (perhaps because your approach to development is more logical than most?), others with different opinions or backgrounds need to come up with their solutions too!
  • You can communicate in English both verbally and written. You know how to apply best practices when relevant, so the usual like version control is there as well as higher-level concepts such as good object-oriented design
  • You have an excellent grasp of what it takes for communication-in either written or oral formats -to be effective with languages like yours.
  • You're aware of the trade-offs involved in proper engineering and can make balanced business decisions, keeping your audience's needs at heart. You have opinions on code design but are professional enough to not let those opinions get in the way if necessary for consensus building.