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Remote Senior PHP Developer (Senior Level) hired by Rebilly

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$30k - $170k


We know that you want the best for your future and we're going to give it everything we have. Rebilly offers a competitive salary, training, and development programs with on-site support from our experts when needed as well! You'll also get birthday lunches delivered straight into work each year plus free computer usage throughout all of North America or anywhere else if desired--just set up some meetings over Skype so teams can sync better while working remotely together too!.

Rebilly offers competitive salaries, training, and development opportunities with the option to work anywhere you want as a fully remote employee. They also provide birthday lunch baskets for their staff members which are great incentives!

You might be thinking to yourself that this organization is different than what you’re used to, but don't worry! Our organizational structure may differ and so do the people in Rebill. But we think some of your favorite things about work will still apply- like being yourself at all times while doing stuff that inspires or interests YOURSELF!!


Rebilly is a subscription billing system that helps businesses manage recurring invoices and payments. The software's comprehensive feature set has been built to capture more of the customer from their first impression on an order form all the way through thank you page with renewed subscriptions paid as well!

We took lessons learned from years in this business, millions of subscribers we've had over those many years now too-and applied them so your payment process turns out cleverly designed by experts who understand what makes things work for both sides.

As a remote Senior PHP Developer you get everything needed without any hassle at all - just put in some basic info about how much money comes out each month then watch it grow automatically behind the scenes while still being flexible enough if something goes wrong or someone needs help changing

We are looking for a tenacious, passionate, creative, software-driven individual to guide the design and development of our subscription billing software.

OBJECTIVE #1 Take on a project and see it to its end.

  • Potential Obstacles: It can be tempting to jump into your first project if you're in a remote environment with multiple ongoing projects, but don't forget about the importance of finishing what has already been started.
  • Actions: You are tenacious and creative. You have a knack for bringing things to completion that other people give up on early in the process, which is why you're making more money than ever before!
  • Results: You're a star Jira project manager! Your numbers are stellar and you have the concentration to handle your workload. Keep it up for many more successes ahead!"

OBJECTIVE #2 Work as a synchronous team in a remote environment.

  • Potential Obstacles: Working remotely is a rewarding way to work, but it has its challenges. Time zone differences can cause problems with your colleagues and distance from them as well as trust issues in terms of how they'll deliver their tasks on time or if at all.
  • Actions: You will have a deep working relationship with your colleagues to know what they're working on, and how best for you both.
  • Results: Our team is thriving; our projects are getting done faster and with greater efficiency.

OBJECTIVE #3 Help your colleagues raise their skills with thoughtful code reviews and feedback on ideas.

  • Potential Obstacles: Some people may find it difficult to offer feedback while they're not in the same room with someone. But, if you'd like help on your projects and priorities then we can provide that remotely as well!
  • Actions: Sharing your knowledge and experience with teammates is a great way to make the team stronger.
  • Results: Your team is more precise, creative and their knowledge has been deepened with your help.


  1. What will you manage? You will be in charge of managing your own projects and ensuring they are adhered to, as well as code standards. You'll also be responsible for testing and reporting updates on them so we can see how things go!
  2. What are you most excited to do? You can contribute code reviews, feedback on ideas for other areas of the company (including ones that may not be related), and even hiring new teammates in our Product Team!
  3. Rebilly is like an open environment where everyone is welcomed in every area of the company. You are welcome to support any project you feel called to participate in, and Rebillians will back your choice!
  4. The more people you have on your team, the faster and easier it is to complete any project. There's never been a better time than now for entrepreneurs that want their business or product idea launched into mass production! Interested? Get in touch with our lead systems engineer Anya using request access below if this sounds like something we might be able to help out with at CaptainSaadSoftwareCo., LLC


  • Framework: Symfony (moving away from Yii)
  • Package Management: Composer, NPM, Yarn
  • Backend: PHP7.3
  • Frontend: Vue JS 2/3, ReactJS
  • Build: Webpack, Rollup
  • Version Control: Git
  • JS: ES6/7
  • Infrastructure: Docker, Terraform, GitHub, AWS (moving away from Jenkins)
  • Testing: PHPUnit, Chai, Jest, Cypress