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Remote Ruby Software Consultant (Senior) hired by Test Double

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$130k - $150k

About us

We are on a mission to improve the way software gets built, and it's only natural that we focus first on people. We want all of our Double Agents - you know what they say about being double-agented- feeling happy at work with ample opportunities for engagement in a remote environment including employee resource groups centered around interpersonal growth each week as well as weekly team hangouts where developers learn new skills or interact despite time differences!

At Test Double, we're not your typical software company. We believe that developing high-quality products starts with understanding what our customers need for their problems and how they use the product themselves - this way it's more personal than just another "one size fits all" approach! Our development team is composed of diverse backgrounds which helps us tackle new challenges every day while learning best practices along the way from other teams' experiences too without ever being left behind or reinventing wheels.

The software has changed dramatically in the last 5 years. It’s not broken, but it could use some work and that's where we come in! We believe this problem will continue to grow unless someone steps up with new ideas on how developers are running their businesses or what users need when they interact with an app - both of which have become more difficult without modern toolsets encoded into our DNA from day one at school for all levels after basics like coding HTML5/CSS3 blocks onto websites so you don’t even need Flash anymore if your site crashes due high traffic because everything works together seamlessly instead

Our people are encouraged to share what they're learning with others. This way, our team members support one another through encouragement and mentorship which allows for continuous improvement in all areas of work - both at home within the company as well as externally on behalf of clients around town!

Test Double is turning into something of an agency! We're growing and improving all the time, so we must stay on top of what you can do for us. There are many opportunities with Test double- some may involve candidate evaluation process improvement or sales helpdesk responsibilities; others could require more involved tasks like account management training sessions too. The possibilities are limitless here at this small but adaptable company now aren't they?

As our new remote Ruby Software Engineer you are expected to:

  • Dressing up your app in the finest clothes, you will create high-quality Ruby-based software that meets our users' needs.
  • We'll make sure your team is productive and successful by automating tests on the system they need to maintain. We also want you, as their client-side developer, for both parties involved to be well-positioned long after we're gone!
  • You will learn a variety of new skills that can help you adapt to our changing needs.
  • You will learn our client’s business domain, existing systems, and strategy in a quick time with an exciting tone of voice
  • You will be able to identify technology, process, and communication issues facing our clients which you can use to their advantage.

Are encouraged to:

  • Contribute to open-source software projects
  • you will utilize your skills to benefit the community by sharing knowledge and expertise with others in speaking engagements, blogging about issues relevant for today's youth, or mentoring programs. You can also help organize outreach events that bring more Double Agents into our network!
  • You'll be in a position to help the company accomplish its mission by contributing to candidate evaluation processes and collaborating on internal initiatives.


130,000.00USD - 145,000.00USD Dependent on experience

  • ESOP Employee stock ownership program - Test Double is 100% employee-owned
  • New computer hardware purchase every 3 years
  • Up to 14 weeks parental leave (8 weeks at 100% of salary)
  • 1 week of conference attendance (and up to $3,000 of expense)
  • Co-working space reimbursement (1/2 rent up to $500 monthly)
  • 2 week Sabbatical leave after 5th year
  • 5 weeks paid time off (vacation and sick time)
  • 10 paid holidays
  • Work 100% remote