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Remote Ruby Engineer (Senior) hired by madewithlove

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$40k - $100k

About the role

Are you an experienced remote Ruby Engineer engineer who's looking for a position working with an exciting new company based in Brussels? Our team is currently made up of two front-end developers, one DevOps specialist, and a cyber security expert. We are seeking someone to help us build out our platform from scratch as we grow!

We're not looking for our own company, but one of our favorite clients. We consciously chose to work with them and are super excited about it!

Our client has committed to providing transparency when it comes to consumer privacy. Their software solutions allow for companies in Europe and beyond to comply with the GDPR, as well as e-privacy cookie law - making them one of few IT firms who can do so!

This client is actively promoting higher levels of transparency towards consumers about their data being collected; enabling fairer balances between rights holders' needs vs those individuals'. SaaS products are designed accordingly by having restrictions on usage based around regions that limit access outside EU boundaries (except where necessary).

What will you be doing

As a Senior back-end Engineer, you will have an opportunity to collaborate with some of the best minds in your industry. Plus plenty is going on here that is unique and interesting so it'll be hard not to see how this job can enhance what else you do outside work!

  • You will be allowed to work on new features combined with some architectural analysis to improve cooperation between the backend and front end. You'll also get a chance to write modern Ruby code while adhering strictly according to recent standards!
  • You will never be bored with our work as we are constantly striving for the best quality. You understand that refactoring is a necessary part of your job and have an analytical approach that helps you guard over clean up code
  • You're someone who has learned how important it is to keep things tidy by making sure everything's clear between lines or paragraphs, right? Well if so then this position might suit what you've been looking for!
  • You will do the technical architecture on our back-end system and make sure not to choose any unneeded technologies. You'll be in charge of implementing manual as well automatic testing so that we can deliver high-quality features every time!
  • As a remote Senior Software Engineer, you will be in charge of breaking down complex interactions into well-crafted components and leading the development of sophisticated features.


!! Why should you hesitate? If we don't think that you have the skills and experience, who will be there to save us when our powers fail or villains take over!?!

Except that you MUST live and work in the European Union.

Soft Skills

  • You want to improve yourself as much as you can, but it's not an easy task. You're always looking for ways that will make your life easier and more fulfilling - even if they seem like small changes! It doesn't matter how long ago something was created or what language was used back then because new technology always finds its way into modern coding procedures eventually
  • You can give others honest, constructive, and actionable feedback. You assign credit accurately! Clear communication: in times where everybody works remotely or live meetings are scarce, being able to communicate issues or questions is even more important
  • You are the type of person that doesn't like to be kept in the dark. You know where information can be found and actively search for it, ask questions when something goes against your common sense or belief system- all this because others might not have as much knowledge as yourself! Documenting everything is an important part of making sure everybody understands why things happen as they do so there's no confusion on behalfs of both sides
  • You believe in empowering your team and making sure they feel safe to give their opinions. You do what you promise, not only by following the architecture but also by working with them on coding standards so that everyone has a say before decisions get made. When all members of an organization work together like this it creates amazing results!
  • Although you may not be the most creative person in your company when it comes to decision-making and improvement suggestions for business processes or technology solutions that will result in more revenue than ever before then no one can beat ya. You're always looking out for better ways of doing things which is why people love working with such an innovative individual like yourself!

Hard skills

  • Keen on quality assurance and automatic testing
  • Version control is something you could not miss anymore.
  • You must be fluent in English to discuss the details of this project. Avoiding any misunderstandings will ensure clear communication and a successful partnership with our clients!
  • Familiar with Agile framework and Jira
  • Focus on clean and future-proof coding, following best practices and internal guidelines
  • Senior Ruby developer (Ruby-on-rails)
  • Knowledge of Apollo GraphQL and PostgreSQL