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Remote Python Engineer (Senior) hired by Qredo

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $120k

About the Role

We have a unique opportunity to join the team and be part of something innovative. You'll enjoy a rapid paced, creative environment with support from your fellow developers - this isn't just any programming job!

As a remote Python Engineer, you will join an innovative team of developers to promote new technology and contribute your expertise in the field. As a Python developer, you'll work on building out software that allows us to connect with other blockchains using our Qredo blockchain client! We are looking for someone passionate about decentralized finance who wants to make waves within this quickly growing industry

You should possess excellent coding skills as well as experience developing apps built entirely from scratch (we don't want anyone just writing wrappers). You must also enjoy adopting cutting-edge technologies; if so then we have something here worth talking over in more detail.

You'll work on cutting-edge technology dealing in decentralized finance which offers high skill requirements for those who want an exciting career path or hobbyists interested in learning more about what's happening within our industry. We can offer challenges not found anywhere else so if security is important too then come one-stop-shop us today!

About Us

Qredo is a London-based, crypto and blockchain-focused company. Q-Risk (their name) works at the cutting edge of cybersecurity with their latest innovations in cryptography to deliver unique solutions for securing digital assets on behalf of our customers around the world who are looking forward to trading them safer than ever before! With offices all over Europe as well as Bulgaria where they were founded - you can bet that this innovative staff have got your back when it comes time to invest or trade away from home safely because he knows what goes 'round comes straight here first


  • You will be in charge of creating specifications and designs for complex applications or modifying/maintaining existing ones.
  • You’ll also do code analysis, requirements analysis to identify metrics that are important on the system level (code performance tuning), balancing user needs against technical capabilities if they conflict which could lead to usability issues with automation solutions like bots used within web apps
  • You will be a vital piece in our team as we march towards achieving this goal. You'll have the opportunity to work with Qredo’s blockchain and 3rd party applications, diagnosing production environments or customer-facing ones - you decide which one!
  • You will help design and develop the architecture for our products, working closely with both 3rd party Python modules as well as Qredo’s core blockchain client.

What we offer

  • Remote First mentality
  • We are looking for an individual to join our team and help shape cutting-edge systems.
  • This would be the perfect opportunity if you're interested in working on projects that require creativity, innovation, or both!
  • You'll also have access to continuous learning resources while cultivating your strengths within this role
  • The tone should sound excited with interest shown throughout
  • Competitive salary
  • Stock options

Skills and Experience

  • You need to be someone who knows their way around programming!
  • Python programming is all about efficiency and speed
  • you have 3+ years of experience coding in or developing for this language then we want your help.
  • We also appreciate excellent English-speaking skills which will come in handy while working with clients from different backgrounds worldwide!
  • You need to be an innovative problem solver with excellent analytical skills, and experience in Web Services
  • You should also have strong interpersonal communication abilities as well; you'll work on all levels of the business (including customer-facing) which means that both written feedback for colleagues but also verbal instructions are part of what's expected from each developer at any given time