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Remote Principal Software Engineer (Senior) hired by FATJOE

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $100k

About Us

The business is founded by two entrepreneurs determined to make the world better one idea at a time. Fat Joe's mission: "to deliver high-quality marketing services globally." FATJOE provides productized service packages, which means they're tailored for you and your agency partners around the globe so there are no overlapping costs or unproductive hours spent figuring out how things work together - just results!

From its humble beginnings as an Australia-based company in 2012 (with revenues exceeding $10 million per year), Fat Joe has grown exponentially thanks largely due to large numbers of satisfied customers who can attest firsthand about what great value these guys offer when compared against competitors' prices across countries worldwide

Our Mission

Hey, we're here to create the go-to Digital Services Marketplace! Our mission is simple: provide a trusted marketplace for agencies and brands with innovative services. In just two years our platform has been used by 5K+ marketers all around the world who are looking for new ways to market their company or promote products more effectively

About The Role Remote Principal Software Engineer

You will champion our team and provide mentorship to help scale. As a company driven by technology, we need you to drive things forward with an innovative mindset that inspires change in others around you!

Your Mission

You’ll be in charge of scaling our platform as we grow. You'll help lead a team that tackles technical challenges, and develop efficient reusable code to make things happen faster for you guys down the line! Get your game on with this opportunity today by applying.

The Skills You Might Need

We're always open to new technologies and skills that can help us scale. Let's chat about what you've got going on in your department!

  • Version control using GIT
  • CSS with SASS (SCSS)
  • Docker
  • OOP using frameworks such as Laravel / CodeIgniter
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • Unit Testing
  • Cypress Testing
  • GitHub
  • PHP 7.3+
  • JavaScript (with React, jQuery, etc.)
  • AWS, pipelines & application deployment


  • It's time to make waves at your company! As a full-stack software engineer, you will help create and maintain stringent unit testing to verify the code behavior independently from other parts of our system.
  • You'll conceive solid engineering ideas for development roadmaps that include user experience focussed delivery analysis on current platforms (such as analyzing problems we see today) while identifying technical efficiencies so they can be optimized - all this with an eye towards speed & scalability too!
  • When you join our team, it's not just about building a beautiful product or solving complex technical issues. We need someone who will help us maintain procedures and high standards so that we can have an impact on this industry now more than ever before!
  • As part of your role as Lead Software Engineer you'll be mentoring new teammates with troubleshooting skills--teaching them how to use software engineering techniques for efficient reusable code deployment in many different parts across the whole platform (and beyond).


  • You need to have 3+ years of experience with server-side patterns and languages, such as PHP (Laravel/CodeIgniter).
  • You should also be able to manage a hosting environment including database administration as well as scaling applications for load changes. Adhering to "security by design" principles will enable you to minimize attack surface area while establishing secure defaults which fail securely if they cannot work properly
  • You need to have a few things going for you. A deep understanding of GDPR and its role in application development, as well as previous experience with version control such as Git, is required but not sufficient alone
  • it would also be helpful if this person knew security compliance or design patterns related specifically to data storage concerns under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They should also know how stakeholders can best engage them when creating scopes for future project developments so they don't get lost among other project managers vying over limited resources
  • You need to be a master at organization and leadership skills if you want this opportunity. Not only do I need someone with those qualities, but also good verbal communication abilities as well as interpersonal ones!
  • It is crucial that we can trust each other when documenting code implementation procedures in such an efficient manner (and let's not forget how smoothly things go during testing).