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Remote PHP-Symfony Developer (Senior Level) hired by Vialma

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$50k - $60k

About us

Vialma is a streaming service that offers the best of both worlds with classical and jazz music. Vialma mission statement, “to give anybody at any point in time an unforgettable experience with arts” will be realized through their unique catalogs to provide users something they can't find anywhere else!

Vialma is looking for a PHP-Symfony developer to make our product better. This person will be allowed to use state-of-art techniques and contribute to making Vialma more powerful!

You'll never have to go into an office again when you work for Vialma. Our remote positions are available from GMT-1 through GMT+7 and we give our employees the freedom of working at home, in coffee shops, or on beaches as long as their job aligns with company goals!

Vialma has an exciting offer: we need you on board as one of us, working hand in glove with other like-minded professionals towards building innovative solutions that can change lives across Africa and beyond - it's time to take up arms (metaphorically)! We embrace diversity and inclusion. We are committed to build a welcoming place for all, regardless of your gender identity or sexual orientation! If you belong to an under-represented group in tech? You’ll find that our company is full of creative thinkers with the same ideals - so come on over any time 🙂

This is a remote position in the best team around. You can work from home, in coffee shops, or even on your vacation as long as you're aligned with our goals! Vialma offers an amazing culture where everyone works hard but still manages to have fun at their job while doing well for themselves too.

PHP-Symfony Developer Requirements:

  • If you want to build and maintain applications that are secure, reliable, and scalable then your best bet would be a web developer who has three years of experience developing Symfony-based projects.
  • You need to be an expert in git, branch development, and merge conflicts.
  • You need a strong understanding of databases and SQL.
  • You need to be knowledgeable about HTTP, APIs, and Linux commands. You also have a knack for security so it's time you took control of your safety!
  • Agile processes and tools will make your life easier. Sprint planning, Trello boards, retro meetings are just some of the things that you need to know before getting started with Agile!

What’s the team like?

The Vialma remote team is a diverse group of 10 people from various places around Europe, Africa, and Asia.

We combine top-notch customer service with outstanding performance. We work in an open environment that's respectful and trusting of everyone on the team, which is why you'll see high-quality code from us! Our meetings are limited to only 3 per week for developers so we can keep things reasonable while still providing all your needs as quickly as possible - because who doesn't want quick answers?

One-third of our development team are women, which makes it one of the most gender-diverse groups at your company. We're always ready to work together on creating technology that will change how we do things globally.

The Product Owner, a project manager, and the CTO are in constant communication with each other. The four-person team works together to provide developers around-the-clock access to necessary tools so they can make an impact on your company's product idea from start through the finish without unnecessary friction or delays

Vialma is a company full of bright minds, and they're looking for someone to help them with their data analytics program. You'll work closely alongside the CTO who will provide feedback on your progress every step along the way - it's going to be an enriching experience!

We offer:

  • Flexible work time – 100% remote
  • Many technical challenges to tackle
  • A complete technical stack with reduced legacy code
  • Work anywhere you want. Optionally, we have an office in London if you want to visit
  • Various ways to grow your skills
  • A high level of autonomy and accountability
  • A friendly, helpful team where you will feel appreciated
  • Have access to millions of classical and jazz music to listen to
  • Monthly online social gatherings
  • Potential to grow within the company and get promoted

Vialma is looking for a PHP-Symfony Developer with an eye-catching resume and enough passion to match our own. If you think that we could make good team members, don't hesitate! Get in touch today - there's always something happening at Vialma.