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Remote .NET Engineers (Senior) hired by Smokeball

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $120k

About Smokeball

Law firms are usually the first responders in a community. They help people work through their messes and Smokeball helps them bill for services without raising prices more than necessary!

Smokeball is small law firms' best friend. They are the local community's backbone, and there for them in their most stressful times of need; they help with difficult family issues like divorce or aging parents - whatever it may be that person has going on right now (and chances are this might just turn out to be an important thing), Smokeball will make sure these attorneys get through everything quickly by empowering them via our software which tracks every aspect from beginning till end so work can then get done faster while also making smart decisions along the way!

Many people are unsure of what legal tech is, but if you're curious enough to find out then I'm here with some information. Legal Tech involves software solutions that transform the way law firms do business; delivering better service at lower costs while also improving efficiency and effectiveness in areas like case management or document review for attorneys working on multiple cases simultaneously (something we know all too well!). But don't take my word for it--check out this article by Entrepreneur Magazine who seems very excited about its growth potential!

Top 3 Highlights about Smokeball

  1. Wow! The smoke from our rockets is still rising as we reach new heights. Smokeball has had its best year ever, and it doesn’t seem like there's any reason why that should change anytime soon with another $40 million in funding coming up soon too.
  2. We all want to feel like we belong. And at the end of every day, no matter what you're doing or how busy life gets? That feeling is the most important thing in your work environment because it means there are people out here working together towards something greater than themselves- stronger than any individual member could ever hope for on their own!
  • The most innovative law firm in legal tech? We think that’s our territory. The best product out there for small businesses, with deep thoughtfulness towards what matters to them and how we can help - instead of making assumptions about their needs or offering a one-size-fits-all solution like some other companies might do!

About our tech stack

Smokeball is building desktop and mobile applications that are backed by a scalable distributed backend hosted in AWS.

  • Windows applications are being migrated to .NET 5
  • APIs are being migrated to serverless architecture

Your role as a remote NET Engineer

As a full-stack engineer, you will work in an agile environment with tight-knit teams responsible for the ongoing development of highly distributed applications. You'll primarily use C# to develop .NET based solutions that leverage ASP.NET MVC and AWS SDKs

Essential functions

  • You will be responsible for all aspects of an application’s design - high-performance coding, error logging/debugging skills, and debuggability.
  • You are also qualified in reviewing project code to ensure it adheres properly to standards while meeting the business needs at hand!

About you

If you are passionate about remote work, software development, have sound engineering skills, and are an exceptional problem solver then we want to hear from you! Ideally, your degree should be in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering with 4 years of professional experience.

We're always looking for talented individuals that share our passion for creating well-designed solutions which meet client needs - please contact us if interested in applying today at

Your skills

  • Distributed architecture
  • A solid foundation of C# .NET
  • Design Patterns (Dependency Injection, Event Sourcing)

Nice to have

  • CQRS
  • AWS Lambdas
  • .Net 5
  • Desktop app experience
  • Service Bus

What's in it for you?

Be part of a fast-growing product team, working on disrupting the market. As a remote NET Engineer, you will get an opportunity to work with new products and watch them come alive - not only that but assuming your skill set fits what we need at this company; there are plenty more chances than just being the smartest person (or woman) in the room!

Competitive salary plus loads of perks like healthcare coverage options available through our wellness programs which can save money down payment requirements when purchasing homes or other expensive assets along with much higher rates because they cover 100%*, flexible spending account opportunities every month without worrying about how much is left over after paying monthly bills--you name it…and so many other

Salary and compensation

No salary data published by company so we estimated the market value of Senior positions.