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Remote Mobile developper (React Native) (Senior Level) hired by Green-Got

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$50k - $60k

About us

Green-Got's ambition is to become the first mobile bank that uses its users' money as a force for good. We're not satisfied with just protecting Earth, we want you onboard too! We're looking for a 100% remote Mobile developper (React Native).

Born from observation and frustration about banks neglecting global warming protection efforts coupled with environmental awareness throughout society today where everyone's doing their part but nobody has taken charge yet... That all changed when one company came up with an innovative solution: "game-changing" technology which will allow them to do more than any other organization out there - Give back through voluntary donations program called Eco Philanthropy™ powered by Greenergy MFPs (money funds) AND Keep earning interest at high rates while donating.

About the job

Building a bank application with current & saving accounts, money management, wire transfers, and card management. We are launching on the French market this winter for our first European expansion in 2022

We aim to become Europe's leading app by providing tailored services that fit your needs as efficiently as possible.

We're a fully remote company, but we work in the EMEA timezone. That said you can still log into your account and get to work from wherever you want as longs as deliver! We try our best not to have meetings because of this flexibility--so many people just show up at one place ready to talk without talking about anything important enough beforehand (we've found it's better than what happens sometimes). But even though everyone has access via web or phone app during their schedule there will always be some kind words exchanged across these platforms which makes us smile when they come through.


  • 100% Remote
  • Stock Options
  • $50k-60k / year
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation

We're all in this together. We want to make sure that every employee is happy and productive, so they can grow our company as well! When we have a long-term relationship with each other it's because everyone has shared interest - from the founder down through your average Joe on staff here at X Company/ Organization Name.

The tech part

We're still in the early stages of building our application, but we have already started to look towards deployment. We are using AWS Lambda for serverless backend with MongoDB as well as testing tools like Appium and Detox so that you can get familiarized with everything before getting your hands dirty on the development side!

This is not a game. We are serious about our work and will whip out updates when they're ready because it matters to us! The code has have been written well enough that someone else can maintain them in case you need another set of eyes on something or just want more people using your app at once (we know how important user-friendly software is).

Our Tech Stack

  • React Native
  • Storybook
  • Testing library
  • Figma
  • expo
  • Git
  • Notion
  • TypeScript


  1. Your initiative is key. You need a passion for what you're doing and an unquenchable thirst for success! plus I have over 4 years of experience with mobile apps don't be afraid of taking risks on new projects because innovation will help keep things fresh - it always has done so far as long ago at any rate when people were still burning witches or whatever they did back then before technology took hold...
  2. English is a must, but it's not the only thing that matters. You need to have strong communication skills and an ownership mindset too! When managing your project you are in charge of its management- which means there will be times when others depend on what kind of news or updates they receive from you as manager for this project etc.
  3. A great way to show off your skills would be by developing a test-driven workflow.