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Remote Lead Site Reliability Engineer (Senior Level) hired by Corpay One

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$40k - $90k

About us

Corpay One is not your average four-year-old company. They’ve grown fast and are backed by Fleetcor, a major US payment company, which attest to Corpaya's ability to stay true to their founding values since day one. Passionate people will love the organization for its maturity while those who like execution get excited with all of these new ideas! There's also an inclusive culture here so it won't matter if you're entrepreneurial or not--everyone gets along famously at this office space.

We're on a mission to make your life easier, and we want you to focus more time on doing what matters. That's why our team of finance experts is here for business owners like yourself! We save them precious minutes every day with automated tasks such as bill pay or expense management--so they can do everything else when it counts most: growing their empire

The United States has been getting larger over the years (especially in population), but how big is too big? The answer might surprise you.

About your new team

We're looking for a passionate and experienced remote engineer who will work in the Product Engineering team. You'll be joining our expanding engineering group, consisting of mixed groups from highly skilled frontend developers to backend DevOps staff members! As a part-time employee, you’ll have opportunities to collaborate with the Customer Experience Manager as well as Developers on your day job while gaining experience working closely together too.

The team is a family that works together to achieve loft goals. We face challenges as we grow and push through them, but if something should happen then we offer honest feedback so our growth can continue professionally! The organizational scale has changed over time; however agile working practices have not due in part because it's just too valuable an asset for companies like ours who want results now rather than later.

Join our engineering team and help us build a better experience for your customers. We're looking for an experienced Site Reliability Engineer to join the team, focused on pipelines or AWS infrastructure - you'll have plenty of opportunities to collaborate with development teams as well!

This position requires a strategist with experience in scalable, secure-by-design infrastructure and the ability to implement that expertise on an ongoing basis.

Your daily tasks as a remote Lead Site Reliability Engineer

  • Your collaborations will help you improve security visibility, monitoring, and response in the cloud-native environment of AWS.
  • You are a valued member of the engineering team, and you have been assigned to mentor software engineers on Cloud Native best practices.
  • As a senior compliance associate for our firm, you will be responsible for communicating and resolving issues with internal stakeholders as well as external auditors.
  • You'll be a key player in our cybersecurity strategy. You'll have the opportunity to work closely with other teams and build scalable, secure-by-design infrastructure that limits the potential blast radius of successful cyber attacks
  • you build the tools that keep us safe. You manage and implement security, but don't worry--you avoid so many of those pesky curbs
  • You are the master planner for all things data -- building, maintaining, and testing documentation; creating policies and procedures that ensure success.


  • Can you build a house from the ground up? Have experience in Cloud architecture and security on AWS, especially with the Well-Architected Framework
  • You have the skills to harden Linux systems, but what about the experience?
  • You'll need some real-world knowledge for this process of securing your system and data protection efforts to go as smoothly. It's one thing when you're just given theory or information that may not apply well at all; knowing how everything works together makes all the difference!
  • You need experience with containers and Kubernetes orchestration, as well as zero trust strategies.

About (y)our values

Corpay One is an exciting company with values that mirror our Scandinavian heritage. We are humble, fun and hardworking - today over 15 nationalities make up the Corpay team! It's not just about being hired for your resume either; personality matters here too so we don't discriminate against people based on where they come from or how old you might be (though applicants under 18 need parental consent). This mixture of cultures has helped us push boundaries while still staying inclusive towards one another which keeps everyone feeling welcome in this place called "Corpay One".