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Remote Lead JavaScript Developer (Senior) hired by eXp Realty

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$50k - $100k

About eXp Realty

Want to be a part of something big? eXp Realty is more than just real estate! Join our team and we'll give you the opportunity not only to learn from some great minds in marketing, engineering, or accounting but also to see your name on buildings all around town. It's an incredible journey where everyone has their own personal challenges that they get excited about every day - don't miss out; apply today.

Who we are

Our North American headquarters are on the move! The 3-D, fully immersive cloud office environment provides 24/7 access for agents and brokers.

All around this country we're seeing an increase in demand from both buyers and sellers alike which means that if you work hard then success will surely follow suit with a chance at being one of our top producers within your region - all thanks to what happens behind closed doors.

We are fully remote!

Are you a Lead JavaScript Developer? Do you like to work remotely and take things up a notch? Do your skills make the difference between success and failure for our company. We need people who are not afraid of hard work because eXp is growing fast!

We are in the midst of sustained and rapid growth, with an ambitious global expansion agenda. We need people like you to help us maintain our momentum!

Maintaining this pace will require more than just hard work; it also demands that we stay innovative by exploring new opportunities - which is why maintaining high standards means staying true not only to ourselves but also what customers expect from their partners: innovation through partnerships and collaboration across all industries.

Let’s pull back the curtain on your skills, background, and career trajectory to see if this opportunity is a perfect match for you.

We are an equal employment opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for the position. We also take care in our hiring practices by not discriminating against any protected veteran status either!

Salary and compensation

For this position, we were not able to find any salary data from the company. We estimated a supposed wage based on similar jobs that required Developer or JavaScript experience.