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Remote Lead Frontend Engineer (Senior) hired by Vinovest

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$120k - $170k

About Us

Vinovest is looking for a remote Lead Frontend Engineer who can help us to take fine wine investing out of the hands and into everyone's grasp! We're a small team with big ambitions, so we need your assistance in making that happen. If you love programming as much as we do then this opportunity will be right up your alley - join our ranks today by sending over an application.

About You

You are the type of person who is always coming up with new ideas. You love cross-functional roles and finding ways to make things better, even if it takes some time or patience. When pressure mounts you rise to the occasion because your work deserves success!

You're an inventor at heart; constantly looking for solutions in everything from engineering projects all way down to small design changes that will have huge impacts on how people live their lives every day

What you will do as a remote Lead Frontend Engineer:

  • You'll spend your time brainstorming creative features with product and design teams, guiding decisions based on what you know about the codebase.
  • Assist in triaging bugs or solving issues for production? No problem! You're an expert at constantly discovering new technologies that maximize efficiency-- all while being a self-starter who can take initiative when needed without hesitation.
  • And lastly: "Can do attitude," team player mentality combined with an overall sense of ownership makes this person perfect as our newest developer member aboard!!
  • You will be in charge of developing Vinovest's central web application.
  • With your skills, you'll work closely with Figma Designs and backend data teams to ensure that features meet their full potential while also providing feedback for future designs from each group according to what works best!

What you should have:

  • You're a natural consensus builder and people love working with you. You can be tough, but it's for the greater good!
  • Your experience in Typescript or strongly typed languages would make up for any gaps so don't worry too much if not all of these qualifications fit perfectly- 50% still counts as a lot right?
  • Are you a software developer with 7+ years of experience in building complex applications that use React and MobX?
  • Have an eye for user interface design or do we need someone who can work closely together as a UX designer on this project too.
  • You are an entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses in the past, and you're ready to take on something new.
  • You have strong principles around unit/integration testing that will give your product top-notch quality assurance before the release day - I can tell because every time we've worked together so far is exactly what was promised!
  • Your knowledge goes beyond just writing tests though; it includes integrating client-side events with marketing automation toolings such as Braze or Customer IO (or maybe even both!), outstandingly good follow-through: everything said by me gets done 100% of the way through without exception, holding my team accountable while giving clear expectations from start

Our Commitment:

Vinovest is committed to increasing diversity in the workplace and values all perspectives. We work hard every day so that our employees can reach their full potential! If you're an underrepresented group looking for opportunity, then Vinoven's got just what your old ass needs!!