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Remote JavaScript Full Stack Engineer (Senior) hired by Opal Inc.

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $120k

About Opal

We want to make your digital life more balanced, so we developed Opal. The full-stack team developed this app for people who are always on the go - because you never know when boredom will set in! You can use it anytime and anywhere without having to worry about what's happening behind screens or whether they're distracting us from real-life adventures. We've raised $5m+ since launching just one month ago; investors love our strategy of helping users save time while developing healthy relationships with technology through a product design that doesn't require much input by developers themselves (we take care of all those JavaScript needs).

Recent projects

The Full-Stack JavaScript team is constantly working on exciting new projects. Some of these we've already talked about in a previous video, but here's an update for those who haven't seen it yet:

Creating ElasticBeanstalk environments in AWS - Setting up user accounts is another piece that comes into play after you have created your environment!

Creating multiplayer rooms for sharing sessions (including live data with Socket IO) and then finally setting up NextJS as our React frontend which will power web payments all come together seamlessly without any downtime when using state management features like snapshotting or Circuit Breaks

This position is fully remote! Interested?

What you will be doing

  • You will be a key player in the design and implementation of new technologies to maximize our development efficiency.
  • You'll constantly discover, evaluate, then implement them for us so we can stay ahead on what's coming next!
  • The Opal web infrastructure is your oyster. You'll be in charge of designing and building the frontend components, working closely with product engineers on app features to ensure quality--and maybe even some performance tuning!
  • You will be testing code for robustness, including edge cases and general reliability; Bug fixing is part of the job. Performance improvement? That’s what we call it...maintaining an application's codebase!

You need to bring your A-game and be ready for anything. Experience working in an environment where challenges are met head-on with a great attitude is essential!

We'll provide all of the tools you'll need so come prepared or not at least have these things: degree (preferred), 2+ years' web development experience plus 3 other years if it's necessary; knowledge about React & Node JS/DATABASES API DEVELOPMENT Third Party LIBRARIES Continuous Integration skills

Would be nice to have

  • We're looking for a Developer to Virtualize our app. We need someone with an understanding of how we use our site, and what would be best suited as updates or changes to keep up with technology!
  • Our ideal candidate should also have experience building on top of APIs like Web Sockets, OAuth2 ready servers (Chrome Extension), Push Notifications, etc. A developer who has built their projects saving people time each day will fit right into this role nicely too - all while giving back through mindful work 🙂
  • A must-have for any company looking to modernize its processes is an experienced Amazon Web Services Consultant. With our fast-paced environment, you need someone who can adapt quickly and deliver results that matter!
  • The ideal candidate should also have experience with test-driven development as well as VPN technology or related technologies to ensure data integrity throughout all stages of design/development; this person will be required t work closely alongside other key stakeholders within the organization including IT architects & leaders while designing solutions around cloud platforms like AWS Brandvoice: artificial intelligence tools make customer service more efficient

Submission Requirements

We always want to hear from candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences. If you have a portfolio, website, or Github link that showcases your work feel free to include it alongside the resume when applying for this position! In addition please state briefly about any past relevant experience as well if applicable.

Incorporate into this note, a thought on one of the following:

  • Online distractions or mindfulness (legal or technical)
  • Our product
  • How to market our product

Our stack:

  • Node.js
  • Koa.js
  • WebSockets
  • AWS
  • TypeScript
  • React & ES6 Features