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Remote JavaScript Developer (Mid Level) hired by Quick Draw Development

Seniority Level
Mid Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $100k

About Us:

We're Quick Draw Development. We've been in the business of connecting businesses to their customers for over three decades now, and we know what it takes to be successful: skillful problem solving with a unique perspective that sees things no one else does - because every company is different!

The Job:

We're a growing company and need you! We are looking for outstanding candidates that have experience creating innovative solutions others thought were not possible before - do you think this might be something special? Get excited because here at Quick Draw Development we want nothing more than create better ways through technology by making companies live up to their potentials.

As a remote JavaScript Developer, you join a team of talented developers and designers in pursuit to offer the impossible, developing custom web-based applications for our diverse portfolio clients. As a mid-level engineer, you will work with senior or junior members on projects involving a collaborative environment towards a common goal: streamlining workflow increase productivity boost sales generation increased revenue from different angles.

What will your day-to-day look like?

We know that our employees are the ones who make every day at work special, so we want them to feel comfortable coming in when it’s convenient for them. The best way of doing this is with flexibility!

Each employee should plan to be available between normal business hours for any meetings, but specific times of day are up to the discretion.

At Quick Draw Development, we accommodate all types of schedules and work preferences. Some employees may prefer coming into the office early to get their most productive hours while others might need time after working outside on projects like landscaping or fixing up homes before heading back inside where it's quieter. We're here anyway you want us!

The best way to be productive is with a reasonable, balanced work schedule. Working long hours for extended periods results in mental exhaustion and the incompleted task that needs fixing later on down the line.

Programmers know all too well how doing this leads us to coding errors due to not having enough breaks or getting confused by different screens they may need access to during one session (this includes managers).

Who Should Apply?

Experienced remote JavaScript Developers looking for an opportunity that allows them independence while still contributing creatively is what we're searching out here at Quick Draw Development. We want people who take pride in crafting elegant solutions by leveraging their creativity through sound engineering practices

The ideal applicant will be a problem-solver, a quick learner, and proficient in JavaScript TypeScript with React. They must also have high-level knowledge and skill to work independently as well as collaborate effectively using web-based communication platforms such as Zoom Slack or Teamwork GMB (Google My Business).

Requirements remote JavaScript Developer

We’re looking for a rock star developer to join us on our journey! You must be self-motivated, detail-oriented, and able to work with minimal supervision. If you can meet these qualifications then we want your application - now!

Must be proficient in:

  • ReactJS
  • TypeScript
  • CSS / SCSS
  • Next.js
  • JavaScript

What We Offer:

  • Emphasis on work/life balance, including unlimited vacation policy
  • 100% remote employment
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Competitive salary

Logistical Requirements:

  • Fast internet is a necessary component for work remotely. It helps you to perform your best and be creative, but it's also important not to have bad connections when traveling which can prevent employees from attending meetings on time or taking full advantage of their workplace holiday vacation benefits!
  • It's important to have a dedicated space in the workplace where employees can go when they need some alone time. This will give them an opportunity for self-reflection, which is exactly what we want from our staff members! Make sure that your meeting rooms are well-lit and free of distractions so it feels less intimidating than being on a video conference with others around you all day long.

Our vision: 

When we think about our future, it's exciting. When a client brings us their vision and asks for help bringing it to life with an innovative idea or clever solution - That is when everything begins!

Live every day with courage, take pride in your work, and always finish what you start. Do the tough but fair things that have to be done when someone makes a promise- keep it! Talk less by listening more so they're happy knowing exactly where their limits are.

  • We typically meet 1-2 times a week for scheduled project check-ins with the entire team. This ensures that everyone is on board and ready to begin production!
  • We are a remote-first company.
  • We are all over the United States, and our employees can be found in every time zone.

As a young company, Quick Draw Development does not offer any medical or future save benefits for employees.