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Remote Java Engineer (Senior) hired by SNOMED International

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $100k

About the role

The position as Senior Back-End Java Engineer is a great opportunity to join the all-remote team and work on open source products that provide healthcare globally.

The SNOMED CT Ecosystem is a powerful tool that has the potential to positively impact millions of people as it provides an accurate, standardized medical vocabulary for healthcare professionals and organizations alike. This enables researchers around the world to work at institutions such as UK's National Health Service (NHS) who use COVID-19 research in their workflows which can be made much easier because they only need access to one source.

We offer a worthwhile and rewarding challenge, advancing this mature technology standard. We work at the forefront of knowledge representation by utilizing description logic as well linked data - all of which you may learn with us!

We need someone excited to join us in our efforts of improving and enhancing. If you've ever wanted to work for a company that has limitless opportunities, this may be the job right up your alley! You'll have plenty of scope during your time here at SNOMED because it is halfway through refactoring five-year strategy while also delivering SNOMED CT service as well - perfect timing too since we're just getting started on everything again after all these years away from doing things "by-the-book".

If there was one thing I could say about my experience so far working alongside colleagues across many departments including data visualization solutions being applied by both developers using C# or Python where necessary plus building relationships.

We're looking for

  • Do you want to make an impact on a code base that's been around for years?
  • Do your fingers itch with the need to jump in and create, even if it means making mistakes a long way! We're looking for someone who can contribute broadly.
  • Our client is looking for a Java Developer with experience in web application development. You should have an overview of the latest technology and understand how it applies to data models, structures, or ontologies like graph databases
  • We're looking for Someone with a depth of experience in; REST APIs, data-informed backends, and service-oriented architectures. We want you to appreciate open source as well!