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Remote Full Stack Typescript Engineer (Senior) hired by Deedmob

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $100k

About Deedmob

Hi, I'm David. One of the founders here at Deedmob and CTO for our engineering team! We're super excited that you want to be part of what we do here so let's get started with an overview: first things first - there are 6 engineers total in your prospective group which consists of 3 people already working together as one unit (we call them "teams") since day 1; each engineer has the specific tasks they work towards every single day while also collaborating closely during releases or emergencies. Sound like something up your alley? Let me know if not because basically all assignments involve some extent.

After 4 years of searching for meaning in their careers, Boudewijn and I started Deedmob to connect young people with worthwhile causes. We wanted our generation's talent committed to volunteering that would be flexible enough so it could fit any schedule they had available while also being impactful on society at large.

When we started the journey, there were many paths to take. We made twists and turns along the way but mostly because it's important for us not to be too formulaic when working with volunteers who are eager-beavers at heart! The small team that can accomplish so much is what kept me going every day - seeing your work impacts people just as you want them to make all of this worthwhile while though, doesn't it? Asynchronous communication means everyone has access (written) to Asana where they see everything happening in real-time you don’t have any idea how amazing teamwork feels until being part.

You'll love working at this company! There's no need to put in overtime or on weekends, as you have a choice of 4 days a week.

The product

Our platform is used by large companies like TomTom, Redbull, and H&M as well as charities to engage volunteers. We charge our customers per month for hosted solutions which can be found at SaaS-based on the features they need access to.

The same product has been engaging people locally or nationally through collections campaigns across all Dutch counties when Sanquin was one of its first clients - even before appearing publicly online!

DeedMob Tools is a platform where companies can build their website with all the tools they need to succeed. For example, it has an inbuilt CRM so you never have to worry about keeping track of your customers' data anymore! There are also analytics and administrative panels for viewing information on everything from sales volume trends over time--to how many new visitors came via organic search last month alone.

In addition, we offer customization options based on each customer’s specific needs which allow us to create unique experiences tailored specifically towards individual business goals or objectives

What you'll work on

  • We're excited to share with you our upcoming work. We have 20% working on a new larger feature based around one customer's pain point - the biggest challenge they see from their organization uploading files in Fileinfo! An example of this kind of project being worked on right now is an improved file manager for all those uploaded pictures and videos users love so much about us.
  • Tired of the same old features? We're always making small changes to our product for it to be clearer or solve customers' problems better. Sometimes, this means learning more about what customers need and how they are experiencing difficulty so that we can come up with an easier solution!
  • We have a lot of exciting work coming up! We'll be fixing bugs, doing performance optimizations, and developing new features. One thing we cannot wait for is to automate as much testing as possible with automation tools that will make our lives easier in techie areas like unit tests or integration sanity checks although sometimes there's still going back into old parts if something goes wrong visually because those specific browsers cause more time-consuming issues than anything else

About the role as a Full Stack Typescript Engineer

  • You are optimizing stuff and are someone who favors simplicity over complexity and is pragmatic when making decisions with incomplete information. You know how to apply common sense in order to get things done!
  • You are the kind of person who wants to learn and grow, but you also have a sense or responsibility. You possess experience in remote work with challenges like product stability- which will come in handy because we need people willing to tackle these tasks!
  • Your voice should be confident yet friendly at the same time
  • You're a natural at time management and communication, so you would be able to contribute greatly to UI decisions for new features.
  • You can work with others in a team and have the ability of empathy. You also know when it's best not to start working on solving these problems too early so that there aren't any unforeseen consequences from doing things differently than what has been done before, such as scaling or performance issues
  • You acknowledge challenges across teams while still being humble about technology risks like those experienced during testing phases where product designs need iteration cycles before they're perfect. You'll be able to ship solid code in React and Node (and Typescript, but you can learn that on the job) with a basic understanding of deployment environments like web apps.