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Remote Full Stack Software Developer (Senior) hired by Art+Logic

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$80k - $130k

About Art+Logic

We are Art+Logic. We run the business by being creative with technology, which means things sometimes go wrong but we have to respond to keep our clients happy and client relationships strong! Being kind is important because if you're not nice then no one will want anything from us (including free-market competition).

You’ve never met a company quite like ours. We are still going strong after 25+ years of success, and our reputation for excellence is unmatched in this industry! If you want to be part of something big that will grow with your career then come work alongside us-we offer the best benefits package around (healthcare included).

Do you want to grow and learn? We offer unparalleled support for our employees, with an amazing variety of projects in different industries.

Doing custom software development means that the needs for each project can vary widely - beyond just which languages we use or domains where we work! You'll find generalists here who are excited about challenges; this is why everyone at AWS grows both personally as well as professionally.

We are looking for a remote Full Stack Software Developer who can be independent, but also comfortable working with teams of other talented individuals! We work remotely all over the US and CA. You won't have someone looking over your shoulder so you must communicate well as an individual contributor or on our more collaborative projects--we depend heavily upon each other to make things happen together at Wootric Incorporated

Here’s an example of some projects we’ve worked on recently, so you can better understand the wide range of projects and challenges we undertake:

  • You are going to write a data model layer using SQLAlchemy that provides an object-oriented view of the legacy relational database schema. This model includes all business rules and integrity for your datasets, with advanced features written in python3
  • I hope you find this project exciting! The Django-based DoD CAC card login is a great way to ensure that your users have an easy and secure experience. It will also give you total control over their data, which means they can log in anytime without any worries about phishing or other attacks on sites with personal information like social security numbers!
  • You'll be creating a Windows tablet application to communicate with the client's Modbus hardware and upload data via WiFi. The resulting analysis will then appear in a Python/Django/Vue web app for display


We have a high demand for remote Software Developers with experience in Django, Vue.js, and JavaScript frameworks such as React. We also need macOS/iOS users who are curious about new things to learn from others or create on their own! People should be able to communicate well enough so that they can organize thoughts effectively while being enthusiastic when needed - this is crucial here at our company because without good communication everyone would get lost along the way.

Relationship Details:

Our team needs your help! We are looking for Contractor (1099) positions that involve long-term open-ended relationships. The work hours will be flexible and require a reasonable overlap with normal working times to support communications between members of the group, not just at night or weekends only. Our rates range from $40-$60/hour - we're Hiring NOW ONLY in the United States & Canada!

We want you to have the freedom of working from where you enjoy living aka work remotely. You'll be able to use that saved time for personal life and relationships, rather than commuting every day! We're not asking our developers to work over 40 hours/week either- so there's no need to worry about being pulled in all directions at once with this job if it doesn't suit what works best schedule-wise or otherwise doesn’t feel right on any other level.