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Remote Full-Stack Software Developer (Senior) hired by Advanced Energy Economy

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$120k - $170k

About us

The future of energy is now. Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) ensures this clean, secure, and affordable by working to accelerate the move from fossil fuels towards 100% electric power generation in America with our diverse range of services which include grid-scale as well distributed technologies such wind or solar installations - all happening today!

The U.S.'s advanced energy industry is booming with the number of jobs increasing by 10% since 2010 to 3 million! AEE represents more than 100 companies in this sector, employing over 250 thousand Americans--and that doesn't even include everyone who works at home or for smaller firms not yet on our radar screen.

AEE is on a mission to transform government policies that will enable rapid growth for advanced energy businesses. They educate, engage, and advocate at the federal level as well in wholesale electricity markets across 14 states with executive actions or legislation expanding market sizes of products & services related thereto

We are passionate about helping companies grow. Our product portfolio includes the most advanced energy solutions for businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 100 brands to start-ups looking at entering this market space and everything in between! We work closely with our customers every step of their journey so that they can be confident taking advantage of one or more products tailored specifically towards meeting your needs as an organization building out new strategies around sustainability efforts.


Are you a remote Full-Stack Software Developer? Are you ready to take on a challenging, interesting project? Are your skills honed and sharpened for the job at hand with an eye always towards efficiency so that deadlines are met without sacrificing quality or output? If so then AEE might be just what you're looking for. We seek full-stack software developers who can use their diverse experience working through many different tasks throughout various platforms (web development) all while maintaining our ever-growing codebase!

The AEE team is seeking an independent software developer who has a background in building B2B SaaS platforms. The ideal candidate will collaborate with other members of the development team under the direction of General Manager PowerSuite, and they should also be creative & flexible enough to work on various projects as necessary for supporting our organization's diverse areas such as real-time logging services or front end-user experiences. This individual must enjoy working remotely when needed - traveling may become part-time (or even full-) over time through this role!


  • We are looking for individuals who want to grow and learn in a collaborative environment. You will have opportunities with code reviews, pairing sessions as well as the commitment towards great UI/UX
  • You would be joining a team that not only develops but also manages and supplies clean energy solutions. You'll work with both internal customers as well as external ones on projects of different sizes, deadlines, and challenging challenges all over the world!
  • You will be a part of something big. You'll help build enterprise-grade systems that process hundreds or even millions of records per month and make them more accessible with interactive applications in Ruby on Rails, ReactJS etcetera
  • You're an independent developer, working on multiple projects with limited supervision. You use best practices and standards to write well-tested maintainable code!


  • Are you a seasoned programmer with 4 years of experience in production environments? Are your skills at the forefront of technology and Ruby on Rails, MVC frameworks, or something else entirely. We're looking for someone who can help us build our product - we'll pay $100K based on skill level!
  • You have a passion for AEE's mission of moving the world to an affordable, secure, and clean energy future. You also should know other languages such as Python or Go because it will help with your applied skills in this position here at <company name>.
  • You are an experienced ELK stack user and builder of complex workflows with AWS services such as S3, SQS Lambda EC2.
  • Have you ever deployed apps to Heroku and/or AWS? Have experience working on a smaller team, with the desire to produce an excellent product. You must be able to write tests for your code as well!
  • You are an efficient communicator with the ability to work well on a geographically dispersed team.


Why wait? Apply today!

To save you some time, applicants are required to submit an updated resume and cover letter that express their interest in the position.

Advanced Energy Economy is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in hiring or employment based on race, color religion national origin citizenship status age disability sex veteran status. We are committed to diversity equity inclusion justice ("DEIJ").

We all must work together for the energy industry to be successful. To accomplish this, it is crucial that policymakers and business owners alike understand our diverse perspectives on how best to handle these issues so they can achieve their goals while also having an inclusive workforce that represents different cultural backgrounds or viewpoints when doing so!