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Remote Full Stack Engineer (Senior) hired by Stable Kernel

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$90k - $120k


Stable Kernel is a company that builds custom software for Fortune 500 companies. We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA and our teams work with big brands to build future-focused solutions from problems identified today StableKernel’s product architects strategize the unknown space between an already defined problem so clients can have stability on what they need next

Stable Kernel is committed to building an inclusive, diverse company. We celebrate all forms of diversity and do not discriminate based on anyone's race or religion; be they single-gender role orientation (straight), married without kids; disability status -- if you have a service dog that helps with your walking needs then let us know! All are welcome at Stables Kernels as long as given equal treatment by our practice.

Software Engineer

Remote Full Stack Software Engineers have the opportunity to learn new technologies, make decisions that shape a product roadmap, and collaborate daily with other engineering teams. The work you do will help some of the largest companies in this world be more successful while building products that impact hundreds or thousands of people every day.

Our ideal candidate

  • You thrive in a hybrid working environment. You have at least three years of development experience, focusing on back-end tasks, and must be experienced with common stacks like AWS or Azure too!
  • You have the know-how to create websites that are dynamic and engaging. You can use your expertise in multiple languages, including HTML/CSS, JavaScript (ES6), Java, or Kotlin for back-end work with Golang as well!
  • Knowledge of databases like MySQL is important too - not just web servers like Nginx & UI/UX design will give users a great experience on desktop devices but also mobile apps through progressive web applications which means faster loading times thanks to continued connectivity even when there's no network connection available yet.
  • You are a team player with the talent to create beautiful designs.
  • Do you communicate effectively and handle multiple projects at once without losing focus on any one task for too long?
  • Your organizational skills will make even this old dog sit up straight! If you have your degree in computer science or a relevant field, let me know how we can get started today

Responsibilities include

  • You'll be working with clients and project managers to ideate software solutions.
  • You will also develop client-side apps, server-side code, write quality APIs for your team's use in building out new features or updating existing ones--whatever it takes!
  • As a Test Software Engineer, you will be troubleshooting and upgrading software; creating security and data protection settings for the organization.
  • Your technical documentation is an essential part of our team's efforts to provide end-users with quality services!

Compensation package

  • You can get everything your heart desires with our incredible benefits package.
  • We have 401k accounts, dental insurance options, and more!
  • You will get to take advantage of extra benefits such as an industry-funded educational budget, paid time off, and holidays including a floating holiday.
  • You'll get an annual flexible spending account and dependent care flex spending accounts, all paid time off (including floating holidays), as well as holiday bonuses.
  • Plus we have great industry training budgets for those interested in learning more about our company culture
  • We're looking for someone who can work with us in a collaborative environment. We want to take this opportunity and create something big, but we need your help!

If you share our values then please apply today because together there's no limit on what is possible."