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Remote Full Stack Engineer (Senior) hired by Inventory Planner

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$40k - $140k


Inventory Planner is the ultimate go-to for e-Commerce merchants looking to save time and money on their inventory! They can use it to predict what customers want, so you never miss out.

Inventory planner makes sure that all of your products are in stock by recommending just how much should be available at any given moment as well as giving guidelines about when certain items will sell out or run low - enabling those clever enough (and lucky) enough) not only manage but also grow their businesses efficiently with little effort required from them whatsoever!.

Our team is located in Europe, the US, and the Philippines. We support all of our customers from a variety of different countries with PHP backend code written using MongoDB for data storage as well VueJS frontend JavaScript construction kit that can be used on both webpages or inside dashboard applications - depending on what you need to be done! Our stack includes expensive servers running Linux operating systems so we know how important it is to have quality hardware capable enough to handle heavy loads without breaking down every now then; That's why this company only hires individuals who've proven themselves skilled at developing top-notch apps.

The role

You have 5+ years of software engineering experience and can work in a dynamic remote-driven environment. You are comfortable navigating large codebases, sharing knowledge with others to take on new challenges that arise as projects progress from conception through release timeline? You're an excellent communicator who has good writing skills both verbally (spoken) or written form for those times when it's more appropriate than not speaking up at all!

As a remote senior full-stack software engineer, your job will be to work on the following areas that are imperative for our growth:

  • We are looking for an energetic and creative individual to help us continue our growth.
  • Your tasks include implementing new application features, including back-end as well as front end work
  • developing partnerships with other companies such as inventory management or eCommerce platforms so that we can expand into those markets more fully
  • And lastly, investigate discrepancies in metrics reported by customers when they log on.

The following experience is a bonus

You have a deep understanding of the challenges that come with environmental management. You know how to use Nginx, Logging, and Monitoring tools (ELK Grafana). Your technical skills include cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platforms


  • HTML
  • MongoDB or other NoSQL database
  • Linux shell
  • Security concepts
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • modern framework (VueJS)

Company Benefits

Do you want to work for a company that's passionate and supportive of your career goals? Join the team! You'll be part of an environment where we're always striving towards new challenges. We offer a competitive salary based on commensurate experience as well as unlimited vacation time which can be used when traveling internationally or taking off during holidays - it really is great not having any limits here at this multinational organization (when traveling permits).