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Remote Full Stack Engineer (Senior) hired by CANImmunize

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$50k - $100k

About Us

For a safer work environment, CANImmunize offers its Shield system to help employers and organizations protect staff from COVID-19. The app allows managers access information about who’s been vaccinated as well as tracking those that need more shots or have not gotten back yet after being immunized with the company's patented technology platform designed specifically for this purpose too!

Are you a remote Full Stack Developer and ready to join our team? You will be in charge of all aspects of software development, from creating new features and improving existing ones as well as maintaining security within your codebase - this means that no matter what's thrown at you over time there'll always have been someone else who faced it before so don't worry too much!

We're ready for you.

You will find a supportive, collaborative and challenging work environment that nurtures your professional growth at our company. We've been working this way since long before the pandemic - all of our code is written in TypeScript from NodeJS servers to React/React Native web & mobile clients as well as Postgres databases storing data on Amazon Web Services' cloud infrastructure platform (AWS). CircleCI provides continuous deployment with tests being run using Jest so there's never any downtime when things go wrong or new features have debutantes!

What will you be doing?

If you are looking for an opportunity to make a lasting impact on some of the most challenging software projects in existence while still working with other like-minded professionals, this could be your dream job! As part of our team, we help lead innovation and push boundaries through creative problem-solving. We work hard every day so that clients can get out there into their market before anyone else has beaten them to it first - giving us bragging rights when they fail miserably because ours were better ideas(or implementations). If these types of environments sound up your alley then please apply today!

The world is changing at an accelerated pace and companies like ours need to keep up with the changes in order not only to survive but thrive. With COVID-19 vaccines being developed this year by vaccine company Merck, released across North America (and soon worldwide), healthcare organizations will be using our technology more than ever before when considering whether or how vaccinations should take place*. Our solutions are already impacting people around Canada - join us!

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity for employment with Canimmunize. We will contact those who have applied according to your interest and skills, so please continue checking our website as we review submissions!

Salary and compensation

There is no published salary data for this company, but we estimated it based on previous jobs related to similar Engineer positions.