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Remote Frontend Engineer with an eye for design (Senior Level) hired by Krit

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$90k - $120k

Become a Kritter

As a remote Frontend Engineer, you’ll be joining our team to help build new products and features. You'll work with clients, the rest of the production crew, or any other Kritter who needs your expertise! Every day is an opportunity for creative problem solving as well as growth in this role - don't miss out on it because you're not sure where we need more engineers 😉

We want to create a great place. That’s why we strive for respect, kindness, and support in our workplace - it's not just about the numbers here; you'll have an impact on how things go forward with direct input into company strategy!

Diversity is at the forefront of our minds when building an inclusive workplace. That's because one way to build diversity in a company, or any organization for that matter-is by opening up about what you have going on internally so people with different perspectives can get involved and understand how things work from all angles. We believe transparency leads us down paths where diverse ideas are welcome - it allows everyone access without feeling like they're being pushed away due to their backgrounds; this gives rise not only towards innovation but also creates stronger communities who come together over similarities instead of differences!

Your responsibilities will include:

  • You will thrive in this position because you can show off skills like bug fixing while contributing new ideas for product development
  • You'll be doing a whole lot of stuff, but your favorite part is when you get to offer feedback! You can write documentation and test coverage for OpenAI's research projects. And when it comes time for their submissions in PRs or via pull requests on our GitHub page - there will always be someone ready with constructive criticism that helps make sure this work gets done right the first time around (we might even use some if they're good enough).
  • You’ll be a troubleshooting MVP, helping teammates do the same thing. You'll also get your hands on some of our roadmap decisions and make important contributions to how products are developed
  • You’ll be a key member in making sure the applications you work on have great design and user experience. You can use your skills to define new development processes, which will help elevate these experiences even more!
  • As a member of the design team, you'll be expected to submit your feedback and ideas for projects.
  • You'll be scaffolding and setting up new greenfield projects, building features for existing products, or optimizing your favorite industries.

You'll be on the front lines of an engaged team every day. At 4 PM EST, we have a standing meeting where everyone checks in and makes sure they're staying on track with what needs to get done that month - each month has its set milestones for projects or tasks which need completion by our deadline date. You might also meet one-on-one once per week (depending) if your manager feels like having some chats about how things are going so far this term; these can include goals being reviewed alongside progress made towards them as well encouragement from other members within Creative Director Austin’s inner circle when needed!

We’re looking for a remote front end engineer with the knowledge to lead projects

Do you like challenges? Do your jaw hit the floor when we talk about new and exciting projects that will take us into uncharted territory with cutting-edge technologies. If so then we want YOU on our team! We’re looking for an experienced mid or senior level front-end engineer who can jump right in to help build some cool stuff - this isn't a great fit if you're fresh out of school or just starting up, but perfect timing otherwise 😉 You'll work closely together as part of one large family unit (we all get along fantastically) while implementing designs from scratch every single day; no two days alike here at Team ToxicWeb

The perfect person for this role has an eye for design and knows how to get the little details right. You’re not afraid of opening Figma files, even though you don't have any experience as a designer! That's what makes your designs so great they're always full of subtle transitions that make them feel unique amongst other websites on Google or Bing - without being too flashy or vain about it either way. We want our clients' success rate high because at some point in time there will be someone else looking through their work who needs some sort of guidance from us.

Excellent communication skills are a must for developers who want to work on our team. While we value experience over anything else, great communicators make the best teammates and contribute positively towards building scalable applications that can handle huge loads!

Ability to balance trade-offs

At Krit, we're passionate about finding the most interesting and innovative people. We want our employees to be smart but also have a healthy dose of creativity as well! For this company culture innovation machines not only run on their power every single day. It's got some help from those who work there: You'll find that everyone here is excited by what they do because it impacts business more than just tech alone-and if your job involves interacting with customers or managing data then don't worry; communication skills are one area where us experts excel at helping companies move forward into tomorrow.

  • Tailwind
  • TypeScript
  • Jest or Cypress
  • Vue, React
  • Other modern JS frameworks
  • NextJS
  • Or similar SSR frameworks

This position comes with:

  1. Want a competitive salary? Check. A profit-sharing plan too?! Of course! We're looking for someone who can use their engineering skills as an engine to power the business forward at this level. Our team members will benefit from our industry-leading benefits package which includes medical, dental coverages plus flexible spending accounts among other things--all while being compensated based on years of experience and role performance within your department or unit ( LEVEL 3 / 4).
  2. When you’re based in the US, we offer competitive healthcare plans as well as fully-covers dental and vision insurance. Your benefits include up to 4% contribution matching!
  3. Vacation days are finally here! All Krit employees will now receive 15 vacation days as well as 10 company holidays. Sick Days don't count, if you're sick - make it worse? No way man.
  4. We have a home base in Charleston, SC but our team members are spread across the country. We’ve got people from Tennessee as well as Michigan and Minnesota on staff too!

How to apply

We’re always looking for innovative, creative people to join our team. Our CEO will schedule you if we think your skills could be a fit with ours so he can learn about what makes you different from others and how they apply in this industry or field of work - but don't worry! You won't have any technical difficulties on the project because I'll walk them through everything step by step beforehand during an interview process that lasts no more than 30 minutes total (including phone).

You’ll be able to show off your skills and talk about the projects you've done in previous jobs. We'll also have some code reviews, where we look over what you wrote and give feedback on how it could be improved or different approaches taken with certain design decisions - but most importantly: this is all laid out as an interview preparation strategy!